The 10 Biggest Villains in the NFL Today

Bill Robbins@bill_kc28Correspondent INovember 12, 2011

The 10 Biggest Villains in the NFL Today

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    The definition of a villain is a person guilty or capable of a crime or wickedness.

    It also means a person or thing responsible for specified trouble, harm or damage.

    There have been many villains throughout NFL history.

    Lawrence Taylor, Rae Carruth and O.J. Simpson are just a few of the many that come to mind.

    Here is my version of the biggest villains in the NFL today.

Rules for Selections

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    The word villain can mean many different things.

    During the selection process of the players on this list, I put into perspective a couple different things.

    First, I tried to make this list based on players who have been in trouble with the law during their career.

    The second major piece of criteria that I used was how much each of these players are hated around the league by other teams and NFL fans everywhere.

    Also, I don't have any coaches on here. This list is strictly for players who have played into the '11 season, and it is in no particular order as well.


Honorable Mention

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    - Vince Young

    - Aquib Talib

    - Santonio Holmes

    - Joey Porter

Albert Haynesworth

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    What more can you say about this guy?

    He stomped on another player's head back in 2006 and has been arrested several times for his behavior off the field.

    He's always one of the laziest players in league history to date.

    After getting dumped by the Patriots recently, it's safe to say that there aren't too many Albert Haynesworth fans anymore, if there was any in the first place.

Ben Roethlisberger

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    Big Ben has done everything possible to become one of the league's biggest villains over the last few years.

    It all started when he was accused of sexual assault in two different states back in 2010.

    Next came getting punched out by Oakland's Richard Seymour after trash-talking him in a game last season.

    Finally, he was named as the most-hated player in last year's Super Bowl, and it wasn't even close.

Cedric Benson

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    Benson is the first of two Bengals players that makes this list.

    He has been arrested on separate occasions for driving a car and a boat while intoxicated while he has been in the league.

    Benson has also got in fights with teammates over the years and has been known to be a hot-head at times.

Adam Jones

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    Jones is on this list for many of the same reasons that his teammate is on here.

    He's been arrested several times and has had a hard time sticking with one team since he came into the league a few years ago.

    Although he might not be as mean of a guy as some of the players on this list, his off-the-field behavior easily makes him one of the biggest villains currently playing in the NFL.

Ray Lewis

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    Having Ray Lewis on this list will likely anger some, but I had to put him on here.

    Although it's hard to say what exactly went down that night in Atlanta back in January of 2000 when two people were stabbed to death at a Super Bowl after party that Lewis attended.

    I'm not going to sit here and say that I believe Lewis was involved.

    However, the suspicion involved with his innocence and his high level of trash talking makes him someone who is still hated by many NFL fans today.

Plaxico Burress

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    Burress, like a few others, would have likely never made this list if it wasn't for one stupid decision that he made in the past.

    That decision was to shoot himself in the leg by illegally possessing a handgun at a New York City club back in late 2008.

    His poor judgement ended up costing him nearly two years behind bars while becoming one of the most-hated players in the league.

    That is the definition of a villain to me.

Michael Vick

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    I thought about not including Michael Vick on this list because of how good he has been since his dog fighting days.

    However, a recent Nielsen survey found that the Eagles star is still the most disliked player in the league today.

    It's sad that Vick could be considered an NFL villain for the rest of his career for a mistake that he has tried to put behind him.

    On the other hand, he should have never done it in the first place.

Donte Stallworth

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    Stallworth barely makes this list due to not currently being on an NFL roster as of right now.

    However, I decided to put him on here because he has played up until this week and he did a terrible thing back a couple years ago.

    The former Browns receiver hit and killed a pedestrian while he was driving drunk in Miami Beach, Florida back in March of 2009.

    He was convicted of second-degree DUI manslaughter and quickly became one of the biggest villains in the league afterwords.

Brandon Marshall

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    Brandon Marshall is one of the biggest diva receivers in the league.

    He is also one of the biggest villains as well.

    The Dolphins' wideout has been arrested a total of three times in the last four years and earlier in his career he forced the Broncos to trade him because of his standoffish personality with his coaches.

    If Marshall's name isn't in the news, that's more than likely good news for him going forward.

James Harrison

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    Harrison plays like a villain when he is on the field.

    His bone-crushing hits have given several players concussions throughout his eight years in the league.

    He's also hated by many because of his personality off the field, even calling out commissioner Roger Goodell and some of his teammates in an interview that was published in the Men's Journal magazine earlier this year.

    The former Kent State star might end up being the biggest villain in Steelers history by the time his career is over.