?The Sexiest Hockey Babe Pics Ever?

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIINovember 11, 2011

?The Sexiest Hockey Babe Pics Ever?

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    While the sport of hockey surrounds itself with riveting stick work, world-class speed skating and exhilarating violence, its rough exterior is met with a beautiful following.

    Not necessarily ice girls or fans, these women garner respect for basically showing off a team's logo.

    Some wear team jerseys or shirts, others goalie pads.

    Here are the sexiest hockey babe pics ever.


25. Calgary Flames Are Steaming

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    While Jarome Iginla may be the illustrious star of the Calgary Flames, they are being led right now by left winger Alex Tanguay and his 11 points.

    With eight assists, the 31-year-old is evidently creating space and finishing plays.

    This fan seemingly believes she can do the same.

24. Replacing a Star in Dallas

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    There is seemingly only one option to replace the all-time goal-scoring and points leader amongst American-born players in the NHL.

    As the last active player in the NHL who played for the North Stars, Mike Modano (drafted first overall by the Stars in 1988) will continue to be revered for his talent and the influence he had on the Dallas Stars franchise.

    His retirement after 21 seasons may seem like a tragedy, but in reality it's an opportunity to give this girl a spot on the team.

23. A New Attitude in Boston

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    This is the ultimate motivation for winning the Stanley Cup.

    The reigning champs undeniably gained new fans following their stellar run. These new followers seem quite supportive.

    With a record of 7-7, the Boston Bruins are still searching for that same 2010 prowess.

22. It's Always Hot in Buffalo

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    Sexy and funny?

    These Buffalo fans seemingly lost their companions and needed money for popcorn.

    Or perhaps they weren't impressed with the 9-5 Sabres and wanted to beat the traffic.

21. Carolina's Hurricanes Are Embraced

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    While she may be a member of the Storm Squad, rooting for the Carolina Hurricanes, this beauty is close enough to the stands for us to see her light up the crowd.

    At 5-7-3, the Hurricanes will need more than stellar cheerleading and fan support to turn their season around.

    But with 19-year-old Jeff Skinner racking up six goals and eight assists so far, the future looks bright.

20. The Senator of Ottawa

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    Ottawa may be No. 22 in the league with 15 points overall, but that doesn't scare their fans.

    This proud Senators fan is showing her optimism surrounding star center Jason Spezza's six goals and 10 assists.

19. The Coyotes See Light at the End of the Tunnel

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    While the past was murky, the future looks bright in Phoenix.

    The team may be owned by the NHL after former owner Jerry Moyes dealt with impressive financial losses, declared bankruptcy in 2008 and sold the team, but with a record of 7-4-3 through the first 14 games, the Coyotes are excited about their high ceiling.

    Fans like this keep the team focused.

18. One Calgary Flame Burns Bright

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    There is only one player who can cause fans to smile like this.

    A six-time NHL All-Star and the Flames' all-time leader in goals, points and games played, Jarome Iginla continues to dominate the ice with his innate talent and 102.3-mph shot.

    The first black captain in NHL history never ceases to amaze his eager fans.

17. Happy Feet in Pittsburgh

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    Whether this Pittsburgh fan is performing in front of a crowd or standing in front of her self-bought green screen is unimportant.

    What matters is her exuberant smile that likely resulted from the Penguins' 9-3-3 record thus far.

16. Carrie Milbank Reports from Hockeytown

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    She may be a sexy reporter from Houston, Texas, but Carrie Milbank seemingly enjoys watching the Detroit Red Wings play.

    While she is a former Texans cheerleader, Milbank's affinity for hockey is clear.

    It's easy to support a team with the third-most Stanley Cup championships in the NHL (11).

15. Toronto Maple Leafs Fail the Spelling Bee

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    As she looks back in bewilderment, it's likely that this Toronto fan was so pleased with her team's 10-5-1 start to the 2011 season that she forgot her trousers.

    With a subtle smile, it's safe to say either this outfit was planned or she's baffled with the spelling of Maple Leafs.

14. A Hurricane Is Brewing in Carolina

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    After finishing with 91 points last season, yet failing to qualify for the playoffs for the second consecutive season, fans were simultaneously frustrated and optimistic.

    However, with this year's 5-7-3 start, some fans are attempting to take matters into their own hands.

    This fan is ready to change the team's fortunes herself.

13. Philadelphia Expects a Takeoff

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    With her team fifth in the Eastern Conference (19 points), it's unclear whether this Philadelphia fan is too pleased or not pleased enough.

    The Flyers' all-time points percentage of .578 until this season (second-best in the NHL) has presented fans with high expectations.

12. Blackhawks Soar over Chicago

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    As one of the Original Six NHL teams, along with the Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins and New York Rangers, the Chicago Blackhawks undoubtedly have a loyal throng of followers and diehard fans.

    However, with their fourth Stanley Cup Championship coming in 2010, they likely gained a new group of sexy fans who quickly boarded the bandwagon.

11. Misa Campo Spreads the Wealth

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    While Misa Campo may be cheating on the Vancouver Canucks with the San Diego Chargers, she gets a break because of her breathtaking affinity for the camera.

    On second thought, the Bolts are this Canadian model's team on the side considering her hometown allegiance. 

    She makes any team better.

10. The Islanders Inherit a Winning Nature

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    While she may be an ice girl, this Islanders fan seemingly loves to soak in the locker room energy when she's not on the ice. 

    With only 11 points (last in the Eastern Conference) so far this season, the Long Island hockey team will need more than beautiful fans to turn their season around.

    Her twin would help.

9. A Cohesive Unit in Philly

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    As Flyers fans cling to their couches in anticipation every time the puck is dropped on the ice, the team continues to impress.

    Having six players with double-digit points certainly helps the cause, but it's 23-year-old right winger Claude Giroux and his 19 points that has led Philly to continued prominence this year.

    The fans are seemingly more than pleased.

8. Canada's Official Winter Sport

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    With her mesmerizing stare and dominating figure, it's plausible that this Canadian hockey girl is a prospect in the Canadian Women's Hockey League (CWHL).

    We'll assume she inherited the enforcer tag.

7. Winging It in Detroit

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    A prestigious franchise needs world-class fans and the Red Wings surely have both.

    With the Detroit hockey team making the postseason 20 years in a row, their fans seemingly expect excellence.

    And the team expects beauty in return.

6. Enjoying the Hockey Aura

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    She may not have an obvious loyalty to any team, but this hockey fan undoubtedly enjoys the click of the skates hitting the ice and the shedding of the ice.

    With an outfit like this, she would have no problem defending the goal properly.

5. Appreciating the Moment

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    This is just another moment in the life of Jonathan Mortimer Smith (Lil Jon).

    While Dave Chappelle may do a better impression than the rapper himself, he doesn't have the teeth to match the Stanley Cup.

    The colorful musician is never bereft of superfluous bling.

4. Unable To Stay Onside

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    This seems like the perfect practice.

    While she may lack stellar goalie pads and a creatively painted mask, this hockey beauty can likely stop any shot that comes her way.

    Her opponents undoubtedly lose control before passing the blue line.

3. Misa Campo Shares Her Love

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    This prolific femme fatale seemingly has two loyalties, although she may embrace every team in Canada.

    Any team fits her nicely.

2. A Blue-Chip Prospect

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    Less of a fan and more of a promising prospect and potential draftee, this hockey babe seemingly has the iconic smile and vivacious determination to dominate the ice.

    She's surely sufficient with few pads as well.

1. Goaltending Extraordinaire

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    Some teams lean towards mobile goalies, others towards the heavy and wide, but there is clearly a secret to choosing the best option.

    Choosing a sexy fan to guard the goal is undoubtedly the ultimate defense.

    Opposing forwards can't possibly focus.