WWE: Why No One on SmackDown Measures Up to Mark Henry

Wrestling NerdsContributor IIINovember 11, 2011

WWE SmackDown wrestler Mark Henry, the current heavyweight champion, has been on a path of destruction since June of this year.

Henry has dominated nearly everyone on the Smackdown roster in route to his first major WWE championship after 15 years of waiting.

There is no one on the SmackDown roster, or RAW roster for that matter, that measures up to Mark Henry, and I will tell you why.

The World's Strongest Man started inducting people into his hall of pain early this past summer when he drubbed the Big Show in multiple encounters leading up to their finale at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

Henry continued to reign supreme over the Big Show first by pinning him and then by injuring Big Show's foot after planting Show with a chair infused Vader bomb.

Kane was the next wrestler inducted into the hall of pain. Henry quickly dispatched of him on a subsequent SmackDown, and like with Big Show, put Kane out of commission with another chair laden bomb.

Henry's next victim was Sheamus at SummerSlam. Many thought that Henry's run would come to an end here, but that was not to be. Although Henry did not pin Sheamus, he demolished him outside the ring and eventually won via count out after Sheamus could not get back into the ring—following a slam through the security barricade.

Finally in August, Henry won a 20 man battle royal to earn a shot at Randy Orton's heavyweight championship at the Night of Champions pay-per-view.

At Night of Champions, Henry dismantled Orton from start to finish. Current WWE booking rarely allows for the top babyface to lose cleanly to a heel, however, this match changed that notion. Henry delivered two World's Strongest Slams and pinned Orton for the three-count.

Orton received his rematch at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Henry shockingly kicked out of an RKO and proceeded to pin Orton clean once again. Many were shocked at Henry's supremacy over top babyface Orton at two pay-per-views in a row.

Christian was next in line for a shot at Henry's championship belt. They battled in a lumber jack match on SmackDown, which was ultimately concluded by a world's strongest slam and a Mark Henry pin.

The most recent opponent for the World's Strongest Man has been the Big Show, who has since returned from his Henry induced injuries. Although Big Show has taken it to Mark on various occasions, he has been unable to beat him, and thus Henry's championship reign continues.

The above paragraphs constitute the number one reason why no one on the SmackDown roster measures up to Mark Henry. It's quite simple, they don't measure up because they can't beat him and haven't even been close to doing so.

Henry has pinned and annihilated every single top wrestler on the SmackDown brand. There is not one upper caliber wrestler that has not felt Henry's wrath. He has ran through anyone and everyone.

If Henry was winning by cheap tactics, it would lessen what he has accomplished. There have been no cheap tactics, however. His victories have been by way of destruction. It is impossible for anyone to measure up to him if they can't beat him, and in turn get dominated by him.

Henry's in-ring squashes are not the only reason why no one measures up to him. His promo work has also been outstanding. Unlike many wrestlers who either lack creativity in promos or just do not have microphone skills period, Henry's rants have been interesting, intense and effective.

He has not only incorporated the hall of pain theme into his promos, but he has railed against the WWE for making him a face and thus not being in contention for a major title shot in his 15 years with the company. His various opponents have also been subject to scathing diatribe.

An excellent example of the intensity and intimidation in Henry's mic work is his post John Morrison beat down promo from the 10/03/11 episode of RAW. The promo can be viewed at 5:45 in the video to the right.

Mark Henry even has an impact completely outside of the squared circle. SmackDown television ratings, at least in 2011, usually hover around the 1.8-2.0 mark. Since the World's Strongest Man has been champion those ratings have fluctuated from around 2.1-2.3.

Those decimal points indicate a rather significant rise in the number of people watching SmackDown at home. The rise in ratings correlate to Henry's title reign. He is doing such a good job as a hated and powerful heel people are tuning in to see if anyone can stop him. No one on the SmackDown roster has been able to do that, not even Randy Orton.

Last but not least, Mark Henry surpasses all others on SmackDown due to his historical significance in regards to the World Heavyweight Championship. Assuming Henry retains the title against the Big Show at the upcoming Survivor Series on pay-per-view, Henry will have one of the longest title reigns in the past four years.

In the PG era when titles are often switched and reigns are short-lived, Henry has defied the odds and maintained his championship status for a respectable time period. Very few wrestlers in this current generation can say that.

It is pretty clear that Mark Henry surpasses all other wrestlers around him on SmackDown. Not for one or even two reasons, but for a multitude of them. Henry's monster heel run has been the greatest in a long time, and I for one am hoping it continues.