WWE: Cameos We Want to See

BR StudiosFeatured ColumnistNovember 10, 2011

The WWE has never been shy about embracing its "entertainment" ties, and cameos have been a time-honored tradition of the top wrestling brand now more than ever. 

With the WWE recently integrating outside stars into their product as an ongoing effort to establish themselves as an entertainment company as opposed to just "wrassling," a handful of big-name athletes come to mind as perfect candidates to make appearances on WWE TV or, better yet, pay-per-view.

Big Nasty and B/R video are here to present a guide to sports personalities who would be ideal cameo candidates in the WWE. 

What would happen if Brock Lesnar ever came back to his old stomping grounds now that he is arguably a bigger star than when he was on top of his game in the WWE?  Would the WWE dare give Sir Charles Barkley a live microphone should he choose to mix it up with their top stars? 

UFC trash-talker Chael Sonnen is arguably a better promo than 90 percent of WWE talent. In a dream world where the WWE extended invitations to UFC talent, how would Sonnen fare on the mic up against WWE's best talkers?

Cameos done right can create compelling television, and these names, plus many more, would undoubtedly create entertainment gold. 

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