Milwaukee Brewers: In the News (Dec. 16)

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2008

Brewers News

- As posted earlier today by Jared, the Brewers are close to signing Chris Capuano to a minor league deal. I like it.

- The Hardball Times lists Corey Hart as a bounce-back player to watch next season. I certainly think he’s capable of doing so. He’s to hoping Hart is learing some plate discipline over the offseason.

- Brewers beat reported, Adam McCalvy, answers fans questions about the Brewers rotation, the Cameron/Cabrera trade, Gabe Kapler and others.

- It gets easier and easier for me to love Seth McClung.

- Was the Brewers' 2008 playoff birth (the first in 26 years) your best present in sports this year? Even if the Badgers football team and the Packers didn’t have off years, I’d say, hands down, yes!

Minor Leagues

- Brew Crew Ball gives us a Winter League update.

- Matthew at The Diamond Cutter lists his Brewers' top-five prospects coming into this year. He tabs Mat Gamel as the top Brewers prospect. Can’t argue with that.


- Apparently the Yankees are insisting the Brewers to take on some of Mike Cameron’s salary or take Kei Igawa and some of his salary in order to get the Cameron for Melky Cabrera deal done. Piss off Yankees!

- According to this article at, the Brewers camp hasn’t spoken to the Yankees camp since leaving the Winter Meetings last Thursday. It looks as though both sides are being stubborn. Piss of Yankees!

- Bernie's Crew takes a shot at playing GM for the Brewers. We must be losing our touch here, no digs on RFB. We’ll try harder.

- We can stop talking about the possibility of signing Jamie Moyer. Moyer has decided (not surprisingly) to stay with the Phillies. He has reportedly signed a two-year deal. Tyler is sad.

- Kenny Lofton tried talking Sabathia into not signing with the Yankees. Should Bill Hall have tried to do the same? I honestly don’t think any of that would have helped. All CC heard was Cha-Ching!

NL Central

- Former Brewer Lance Nix signed a minor league deal with the Cincinnati Reds. Let’s see if he can manage a hit for the Reds.

- Outfielder Jason Michaels signed a one year deal with the Astros. I can’t possibly be more indifferent.

- The Cubs and White Sox will be playing a couple split-squad Spring Training games in Vegas this coming year.

Other News

- The folks at the Cubs are taking a page out of the Packers playbook and hosting a hockey game at Wrigley. The similarities stop at the hockey game part. Wrigley will host an NHL game, while Lambeau hosted a Badger game. Oh yeah, I forgot the “cool” part, they are opening the rink up to public skating too!

- The Yankees are still looking at the possibilities of signing Manny Ramirez or Mark Teixeira. Do even the Yankees have money to sign one of these guys on top of CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett? Seriously, what’s fun about being a Yankees fan?

- Midwest Airlines has terminated its charter service. What does that mean? The Brewers will have to find a new airline. It’s nice that the Brewers were able to help support a hometown company, but what now? Do they choose Air Canada like the Bucks have recently? I say take Air Canada out of the mix of possibilities. I’m a firm believer in Karma. Also, this doubly affects Tyler, as the Nashville Predators also flew Midwest. His word is upside down.

- A Yankees blogger at Bleacher Report says Brian Cashman may be the dumbest man in baseball. Either that or the Steinbrenners are for paying anyone that amount of money just to spend their money.