Andy Pettitte (snicker) Has Another (snort) Offer (hahahaha!!!)

JerseySenior Analyst IDecember 15, 2008

Supposedly, someone has offered Andy Pettitte three years for $36.5 million.

Dude. Who the hell would give that to him? Someone actually wants Pettitte for THREE years? The guy who has contemplated retirement each of the past three seasons, and last year utterly SUCKED? Someone wants that?!

Seriously the Yanks are offering one year at 10 mil, and that's overpaying. It's only excusable because it's Pettitte. But a non-Yankee team has no business offering that much, let alone three years at 12 per.

Oh, but wait, what's that? Who is spreading this slander? Oh yeah, it's Pettitte's agents. Well, there's a reliable source if I've ever heard one. Yeah, the guys who want more of Hal Steinbrenner's dough, they're not making this up.

If this rumor turns out to be true, I hope Pettite accepts it for his sake and the Yankees'.