In Other News...Why The Yankees Signing Of A.J. Burnett Makes Sense

Shanan H.Analyst IDecember 15, 2008

I woke up this morning, turned on the radio, heard my High school was closed because a half-inch of snow was on the ground, and fell back to sleep.

Yes, it snowed here in Maple Valley, and so I got a whole day to waste here on

So, I got up, and turned on the computer.  I pressed the Internet button, and when it came up, every article was about Brian Cashman being stupid and this signing being stupid.

Well, that's not what I think.

If A.J. Burnett is not injured, he'll pitch similar to how the Moose pitched these year (we miss you, Moose!)  He may have 15-20 wins, a 3.35 ERA, and at least 150 strike outs.

I do see, however, how big of a chance it is that Burnett is injured.

If he gets injured, well, the Yankees wasted a buttload of cash on him.

Look for Burnett to help give the Yankees a playoff berth.

Lastly, Cashman has not gone crazy yet.  He still did build a team that went to 12 playoffs in a row...