Is Nascar Bulletproof During This Economic Downturn?

Amanda BradeenCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2008

With the economy spiraling downwards as it is, it’s no wonder people question the economical future of NASCAR.

One thing for sure is that the economy will never influence NASCAR’s fan base. Last year in May of 2007, gas prices very easily hit $3.00 yet the same amount of fans hit Richmond International Speedway in hopes of seeing their driver win. Sports in general will be the only thing not fully affected by the economy.

Luckily for fans, races will always be on Television. So even with gas prices like they are, fans can still enjoy their favorite drivers on the big screen TV. Racing allows people to escape from the 9 to 5, blue collar lifestyle, and cheer in the stands or at home, and that is one thing that will never change.

Eventually however, funds could become less, and as that happens more drivers should contribute more money to their sport. Instead of going out and buying that new pool, they should put their money towards the sport that they love. There is no need of these guys living like a rock-star. Let’s bring it back to when Dale Earnhardt Sr., and Richard Petty raced, and their money went towards their car and team. That would save NASCAR for something happening like what is going on with the automakers. I hope and believe that this sport will never get into a debt like the automakers have recently.

There will always be a fan, willing to pay the price of gas and tickets, such as myself just to see that checkered flag wave and the burnouts start. There is a fan like this in every sport, which just goes to show you they are an important part in people’s life.

I am a huge NASCAR fan and I personally feel that no matter what happens in the economy; I will never stop watching the sport that makes my heart race.