The International Bowl: UConn Huskies vs. Buffalo Bulls vs. Toronto?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2008

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Huskies and Bull Secks

Toronto is clearly a college football hotbed, and has managed to draw roughly seven paying customers to each of the previous two International Bowls.

Much like the "BILLS IN TORONTO," the majority of the attendees have been the non-paying corporate types. If you're on the fence, here are some reasons to venture down to the Skydome to check out the Buffalo Bulls take on the Connecticut Huskies.

  1. Mark Schlabach of ESPN rated the International Bowl 28th of 34! This is ahead of six other epic college football battles. The Texas Bowl, New Mexico Bowl, magicJack St. Pete's Bowl, Motor City Bowl, R+L Carriers Bowl, and the Independence Bowl are all worse than the International Bowl. If you can get to the AutoZone Liberty Bowl instead, by all means do so, as its rated one spot above the International Bowl at 27th overall.
  2. There are three African American Coaches in the NCAA DIV-1 and you get to see one, in person. That's 3-of-119, or a 2.5 percent chance! This is the equivalent of continuing to play your poker hand after the flop comes and you know that you have a single out. Odds are, you're never to get this chance again, so go show your support for Turner Gill.
  3. Connecticut running back Donald Brown could be a second round pick in this years coming draft. He's only a junior (so he has another year of eligibility left) and he's stated he wants to come back but he also likes money. If you went last year, you get to be a douche-bag and tell all of your friends that you saw Ray Rice in college and he was AWESOME, OMFG! Now you can be a double-douche and talk about Donald Brown.
  4. Darius Butler, another possible day-one draft pick, should also be healthy by the bowl game.
  5. Buffalo just pwned Ball State, which made everyone except David Letterman very happy! It should be a very very good game.
  6. The Canadian Dollar is back to crap, and you're going to make your dollar go a lot further. One American dollar should get you 1.25 Canadian. You can buy a lot of stuff with $1.25, a lot of worthless crap. Toronto's Chinatown is a 20 minute walk up Spadina Avenue from the Skydome. They have very good deals on baskets, rugs, and sticks of bamboo. Their fish prices are also amazing, if you need something to beat homeless people with (you'll be a YouTube star).


What to do while you're in Toronto, and it's 10 degrees Fahrenheit out.

  1. Go to the Hockey Hall of Fame, it's 13 bucks and at the corner of Front and Younge. Maybe a 15-minute walk from the Rogers Centre or a $10 dollar cab.
  2. If you're super lazy, and have a lot of money: Go to Wayne Gretzky's sports bar, its got a bunch of memorabilia and its two seconds north of the stadium on Blue Jays Way.
  3. Eat: Burrito Boys, on Richmond and Peter will cause your stomach to make noises only heard in abortion clinics. Its Delish though, and cheap(ish).
  4. Go Get Booze: If you're subwaying, there's an Liquor Store (LCBO) at Union Station, but here's a beautiful map of the beer store locations. You have to buy beer from licensed stores, unfortunately.
  5. Eat Bacon, Canadian Bacon. Lots of Bacon. Seriously, BACON BACON BACON. DELISH!
  6. Knock up a local slut. Obviously, make sure she doesn't know your real name but other than that anything goes. You may end up with the clap, but that can be fixed with antibiotics. If you're going to create enough offspring to stage a coup and overthrow the American Government, you're probably going to want some re-enforcements in Canada.