Why Gator Bowl Is the Best Place for Nebraska Huskers and Fans

Big Red NetworkSenior Writer IDecember 15, 2008

This article's title could have been “Why I Love the Gator Bowl.” Once the Colorado game was complete, this was the best possible place that Nebraska could have ended up. From its effect on other teams to its television location, this is a great position for the Huskers to be in.

At the beginning of the year, most media and people thought we would end up more like Kansas, playing against a team with four straight losses, on a channel that not everyone picks up, in a time slot when most people are far from thinking about football.

Instead, we are playing a solid matchup when we're probably the best game on (head to head with Georgia v. Michigan State on ABC). The Huskers are also on right before a couple of the biggest bowl games of the year (Rose Bowl, followed by the Orange Bowl). People are going to be settling in for a full day of football.

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