The BCS Picks the Wrong Miss World

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The BCS Picks the Wrong Miss World

Just when you think the BCS can't do anymore damage, it rears its ugly head and votes for the wrong team. Again.

The BCS was obviously invited to judge the Miss World pageant, and as usual, they didn't make the right choices, causing viewers to ask themselves if this was a legit pageant anymore. Was it ever?

Take a look at the "teams" pictured above. Come on guys, take your best shot...who do you think the final two should be?

The girl on the right, Miss Trinidad and Tobago, aka Texas, displayed several reasons as to why her team should be named a finalist. But alas, she was ignored, even after beating Miss Russia in the swim suit contest, and fell to third place behind Miss Russia, aka Oklahoma.

The girl on the left, Miss India, is clearly the sexy pick by the BCS. She's flashy, sultry, and intoxicating, but she really didn't have a lot of competition in India, and came to the pageant with a mediocre SOS.

Miss India, aka Florida, came in second place. Wearing a breakaway jersey to avoid being tackled, she wowed the judges when she promised to perform circumcisions (for free) in poorer countries during her down time from Miss World duties.

The BCS, of course, picked the blonde in the middle, Miss Russia, otherwise known as Oklahoma. The BCS got blinded by her blonde tresses, pouty-lips (inspired by Bob Stoops whining over bad calls) and unusual accent when she shouted Boomski Soonski during the talent competition.

What really cemented her No. 1 status was the fact that her SOS was so strong. In a country that gives us Maria Sharapova, and Anna Kournikova, how could the BCS ignore all the great beauties she beat?

When asked about the obvious mistake in picking the true two beauties, the judging panel agreed to meet in four years, and revisit the idea of eliminating regional contests, aka conference championships, to make way for a eight-way show down.

Unfortunately, the countries will not agree to eliminating regional contests, because it's good for their economy, and creates an extra 25 million dollars per region.

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