New Orleans Saints: The Bayou Basement Blues

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IDecember 15, 2008

Not even a prayer at midfield could save the Saints' season. The Saints fell to the Chicago Bears in a cold, overtime battle in Chicago. It was the Saints' third loss in a row in Chicago, the third time that Chicago has ended the Saints' season.

The Saints are in the basement, of the NFC South that is.

Tampa Bay, Carolina, and Atlanta all look to be headed for greater things while the Who Dats stay home, sit in the basement, and mutter, "Da Beahs, dat who." They can't even depend on the infamous NFC South curse, which looks like it will be ended this year.

Since the NFC South has existed, the team in the basement the year before won the division the next year. Atlanta was the basement team last year and while they're a good team, they probably won't win the division.

In one year, the NFC South has became one of the NFL's toughest divisions and the Saints just were not up to the challenge this year, not with that leaky secondary anyways.

Against Atlanta, they looked like a different team altogether, but the impostors were captured and the real Saints played Thursday night and lost but hey, it comes with being a Saints' fan. You take the 10 bad years for one good year, it's a Black and Gold tradition.

Lets just hope that they fix their problems next year and we make a Super Bowl run and paint the town Black and Gold instead of black and blue, it probably won't happen but hey, we can dream can't we?