Dana White Calls Nick Diaz's Comments "Crazy," Says UFC Fighters "Make Money"

Mike HodgesCorrespondent INovember 9, 2011

When it comes to sustaining a comfortable living, you can assure that the UFC financially takes care of its employees. 

After Nick Diaz complained about not recieving fair compensation for his bout against BJ Penn, UFC President Dana White refuted Diaz's previous comments and said that fighters are paid just fine while under the company.

"Believe me, guys make money in this sport," White said during UFC 138 post-fight press conference last weekend. "There are guys that make lots of money, guys that make good money and there are guys that are working their way up."

The idea of paying UFC fighters the same amount of income as professional boxers has always been on the boss's radar, but he said it won't necessarily happen anytime soon. White said the progress that the UFC has achieved in such a small amount of time is remarkable and only likely to become bigger in the future.

"From 2006-2011, I can't remember what the number is, but it's like 40-something millionaires. 40-something millionaires, 20-something multi-multimillionaires and the list goes on and on," he said. "What we've been able to do, in that much time, is pretty phenomenal."

There has always been a big distinction between the amount of income both boxing and the UFC provide, and while the UFC might not be in the same financial situation, they are certainly taking a big step in the right direction.