Pro Wrestling: The Greatest Wrestling Match of All Time...That Never Will Happen

Frankie GargiuloContributor IIINovember 9, 2011

There will always be those significant events in your life that make you say, “WOW, I can’t believe what I just saw!” The event you tell your children about, how awesome it was to have been sitting there and have seen it with your own eyes—events like Game 6 of the '86 World Series, The 1980 Miracle on Ice and Ali vs Frazier.

For many wrestling fans, we too have our greatest matches that you can always go back to in memory and say, “WOW!” Matches like Macho and Steamboat, Michaels and Hart, Hogan and Andre, Flair and Steamboat and most recently Michaels and Taker (1 or 2, whatever you favor). 


However, there is always the “What if...” scenario.  As for myself, I believe the greatest match of all time could have happened, but never did. In my eyes, the greatest match in pro wrestling history could have been The Dudley Boys vs The Road Warriors. No match in my eyes would have had more of an impact like the two greatest tag teams in the history of pro wrestling.

Now, you might say, "Why would you choose such a match?" Well, when combined, both teams have a total of 42 tag team titles! 42! If the number itself is not enough, let's look at the teams themselves.


Both teams dominated whatever organization they were in—they brutally went through team after team, punishing and destroying all in their paths. While the Road Warriors had power and strength, the Dudleys had chairs and tables.

Both teams had unbelievable teamwork and both excelled in their ability with a microphone. Both teams came from tough cities, one from Chicago and the other from New York. The two together had two of the coolest finishers in pro wrestling.



Of course, there are factors that come into play while talking about this subject, the first being both teams are from two different eras of pro wrestling. Another is, of course, the passing of Road Warrior Hawk. Aside from these two circumstances, this is one match for the ages. The Dudleys were heavily influenced by the Legion Of Doom and have said so on numerous occasions.

Just like their role models, the Dudleys walked into a place, kicked butt and added another title belt, another notch, next to their names. In my opinion, if the match did happen, the outcome would have been the Road Warriors winning hands down. Animal and Hawk were symbolic of what pro wrestling in the 80’s was all about. 


The Dudleys would have been great opponents for Hawk and Animal, however, if the match was just pure wrestling without a hardcore twist to it—Bubba and D-Von would have gladly gone up for the Doomsday Device! Even though it will never happen, as the years go by and we tell our children about how great a match it “could have been,” we will only dream—and wonder.