New York Rangers '08-'09 Season Review So Far

Cj ReoContributor IDecember 15, 2008

What can help the Rangers, some fans ask—and some say Mats Sundin.

Sundin would help, but he would come at a huge cost so you figure Rozival’s or Redden’s contract would be out of NY. He could be a big first line help for the Rangers, and as a Rangers fan, I do hope we dump off Rozival somewhere and pick up Mats.

Also some people think new free agent Sean Avery would help, to that I say stay away, Sean. Sean signed a four-year deal with Dallas and it lasted around ¼ of a year, and with the Rangers' recent troubles I think Sean Avery would be the wrong thing to do because he would make the team frantic—especially the defense.

And finally my season standings outlook for the NY Rangers, currently parched upon second in the Eastern Conference. Some people think "Great!"

Yeah, well wait to the other teams play three or four more games and have played as many games as we have. Soon when that happens, the Rangers will be around third or fourth in the division and eighth in the conference.

If you ask me, the Rangers need to fix their D, get a new coach, and get Mats Sundin. If you look at one thing many people will say is easier said than done. Rangers in trouble and going down fast.