Romanian Statistician Loves Manchester United and All Those Crazy Numbers

True BlueCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2008

It has been brought to the attention of the Institute of Romanian Football Statisticians (IRFS) that a Romanian member here on Bleacher, Carlyluvsunited has become somewhat confused by her role.

The IRFS would like to remind Carlyluvsunited that her love of statistics, numbers, and facts gleaned from newspapers and magazines offers only limited understanding of Manchester and football and that she should offer no further "commentary" or "humour" content on these pages.

The head of the IRFS is quoted as saying "Just 'cos you've read it in the books doesnt mean you understand it enough to open your cake hole."

More (including a flaming no doubt as Rags don't have a sense of humour) to follow.......