What's Making Me Talk: Got Some Change To Spare, New York?

Nino Colla@TheTribeDailySenior Writer IDecember 15, 2008

They are in their own little bubble aren't they?

We hear about the economy and how it's effecting the way teams do business this winter and yet, here they are.

The New York Yankees don't seem to be effected by this whole "down economy" business going on.

Or so it would appear.

The super spenders from the Bronx aren't exactly hurting like the San Diego Padres, but from the looks of it, baseball's freest spenders have issues of their own.

The Associated Press reported last week that the Yankees and Mets both asked for more cash to fund their new digs.

Amidst all that, the Yankees and Mets both invested heavily into pitching. The Yankees didn't just give CC Sabathia a lucrative record setting deal worth $161 million, but went ahead and gave A.J. Burnett an $82.5 million deal on Friday.

The Mets meanwhile made a trade for J.J. Putz and broke the bank for Francisco Rodriguez, baseball's most coveted closer. Not the cash or commitment the Yankees invested in, but more money than anyone else gave out last week, aside from the Yankees, of course.

Of course.

I mean, do I even have to raise the point here? Surely you see where I'm going with this whole thing, right?

The Yankees more specifically, spend $243 million dollars on two players, not counting the actual price of Sabathia, which is somewhere in the $200 million range, you've got yourself a great chunk of that $370 million they are asking for to complete their palace.

Now, Richard Sandomir of the New York Times breaks this down better than I can even imagine.

The Yankees are getting tons of cash every year because of their own television network, attendance, merchandise, the whole thing. Obviously, it’s the reason they can afford to spend so much on the likes of Sabathia and take those luxury tax hits.

Now they are finding ways to justify both these signings and going into debt while they build a billion dollar palace?

Not to mention the questioning surrounding their methods of funding.

Look, I don't want to try and understand, nor do I want to act like I understand how much the Yankees are paying of their own stadium.

Fact of the matter is, this all stinks out loud for the sport of baseball.

I can't see how it's good that a team can go out and spend well over $200 million dollars on just two players, in addition to having the guy with the largest contract ever already on their payroll, and then go and ask for more money for a stadium that costs well over a billion dollars.

You can't convince me it's good for anything, even if it gets people talking about the sport.

Oh, but it does not end my friends, surely not there.

Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated is reporting that the Yankees deal with Milwaukee will resume soon, but a sticking point is the contract of Mike Cameron.

The facial expression I have right now can only be described as one that you get when you and a good friend are out in public and they say something really stupid to another person.

You know the look and the comment, something along the lines of your good friend telling an unsuspecting poor mother that her baby is "such a cute girl."

The problem here is that the baby is a boy and that you should never infer the sex of a baby unless you are positively sure.

Milwaukee is that poor mother, the Yankees are your good friend and Mike Cameron is that poor mother's baby that your good friend just insulted.

The Yankees want Milwaukee to pay some of Cameron's deal or pick up some of the tab on Kei Igawa, yet another failed Yankee starting pitching signing.

Why would a team that you outbid by as much as $60 million dollars help you out in anyway and why should they be expected to?

It's just getting real ugly and real sickening to watch this stuff go on.

You can't convince me it's good for baseball to be conducted this way and I'm not sure you could try either.


Catching Up on the Latest Moves…

Let's start with my beloved Cleveland Indians and their acquisition of Kerry Wood. 

I already expressed my feelings on Franklin Gutierrez's departure, but for the record, the Mets really put some effort into fixing their bullpen. Two closers at the back end and it's not like J.J. Putz can't setup, he's done it before.

The Indians put themselves out of the running for Putz when they signed Kerry Wood to a two year contract.

The deal is worth a little over $20 million with an option for a third year that is based off Wood's health of course. It is a risky but much needed move by Mark Shapiro and I'm in full support of it.

He was the one guy I would have loved to have when this offseason started, but never even dreamt it to be possible. The contract is a risk, but it's one that can pay off big time. Joe Smith's addition via the Putz trade should give them yet another arm to plug into a bullpen that suffered a lot of issues in the first half. With all the pieces the Indians have, some of them have to stick.

The World Champion Phillies got busy and signed Raul Ibanez to a three year deal to replace Pat Burrell. I think it's a great move for this year, especially since Ibanez is a very consistent hitter year to year. He does seem a little streaky to start the year, but when he catches fire, he is tough to stop.

He always seems to put up his numbers when all is said and done, I just wonder how much longer he can hold up.

Detroit and Tampa Bay swapped players, sending Edwin Jackson to Detroit for some much needed starting pitching and landing Matt Joyce in Tampa Bay to give them a third outfielder.

I really like Matt Joyce and think Tampa used their Edwin Jackson chip very wisely.

On Detroit’s end, well not so much. Jackson may turn out better than numbers not having to pitch against the AL East so much, but I think giving up Joyce for just him was a bit of a mistake. Then again they need pitching in the worst way.

They also need some defense, which is why they inked Adam Everett to a deal. I question how long it will be before they end up cutting him because of his offense though.

Ramon Hernandez is on his way to Cincinnati while Ryan Freel is headed to Baltimore in a four player trade. I think Hernandez will benefit from the move offensively, but can he hold up at catcher for an entire season? Freel is a player I'd love to have on my team any day of the week, but that type of play gets him injured.

Either way, both teams should benefit from the move. Suddenly though, Cincinnati's once very deep outfielder has just Jay Bruce. It’s puzzling in that aspect.

Kyle Farnsworth inks a two-year deal worth a little over $9 million dollars? Couldn't the Royals spend their money on something that was much more of a sure thing? I guess you don't get many sure things when you are talking about relief pitchers though.

Finally, A.J. Burnett’s deal with the Yankees from the on the field aspect.

Let me put it like this. I think Burnett will be a Yankee longer than CC Sabathia, but when all is said and done, Sabathia will have pitched more games.

So, no I do not see Burnett being worth the investment.


And Finally...

I might as well end with the Yankees since I started with them. Hopefully they don't put me back in this spot next week by signing Manny Ramirez or Derek Lowe.

It looks as if Kenny Lofton reached out to CC Sabathia about signing with the Yankees.

Take it for what you will, but Lofton has been around a lot of major league teams. He may have some bitterness towards the Yankees, he may not.

Either way, it goes along the lines of what I was talking about with the Yankee's spending and the mistake CC made by taking the money over his happiness. He may end up happy and I hope he does, but you often times you don't get a chance to go home and play a game you love for $100 million dollars.


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