Lingerie Football League: The 40 Hottest Players Ever

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterNovember 14, 2011

Lingerie Football League: The 40 Hottest Players Ever

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    The Lingerie Football League is absolutely stacked with ridiculously hot and talented women. 

    Just don't let their stunning good looks and the fact that they're playing in their underwear fool you; these broads are no joke. They may be models by day, but during the LFL season they are legit athletes who come to play.  

    Unfortunately the league has recently contracted and a number of teams are on hiatus through the 2011-12 season, which means many of your favorite players will be moving on. They may be gone, but they're not forgotten.  

    Here are the 40 hottest players in LFL history. 

40. Heather Perez, Philadelphia Passion

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    Jersey girl Heather Perez plays safety for the Philadelphia Passion.  

    Jersey Pride Fact: Perez is disappointed in all the sports franchises that are reppin' New Jersey and would like to see the Garden State get an LFL team.

    Don't Want No Scrubs Fact: Perez is a professional model who only wants to work with professional photographers. Wannabes need not apply.    

39. Krista Ford, Toronto Triumph

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    Krista Ford plays middle linebacker and free safety for the Toronto Triumph.  

    Way to her Heart Facts: Ford loves horses, goes to bed at 9:00 PM, would choose a night in over a night out and she can do push-ups with a leg over her arm.  She's not kidding about that push-up thing.   

    She's not Perfect Despite Evidence to the Contrary Fact: She snorts when she laughs, really hard.  

38. Shelley Lashley, Philadelphia Passion

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    Shelley Lashley plays offensive and defensive lineman for the Philadelphia Passion.  

    Geographical Facts: Lashley is of Caribbean descent, but was born and raised in the great city of Philadelphia and attended Penn State University.  

    Jack of All Trades Facts: Lashley is a sometimes model, former beauty queen and cheerleader, current professional athlete and television personality with a Masters degree in nursing. Impressive stuff, no?

37. Jenny Yuckich, Las Vegas Sin

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    Jenny "Dollface" Yukich plays wide receiver and free safety for the Las Vegas Sin.  

    Whoa, That Sounds Fun Fact: Yukich is a sometimes model who is down with lingerie, bikinis and bodypaint assignments.  

    Awesome Ethnicity Fact: Yukich's ethnic background is Yugoslavian and African American; obviously a pretty good mix. 

36. Stella Vidal, Miami Caliente

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    Stella Vidal played quarterback for the (now defunct) Miami Caliente.   

    Beauty and Brains Fact: Vidal has a Masters in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University…all the better to mess with your mind.  

    That's Your Nickname? Fact: Vidal, "The Colombian Goddess," has a blog where she dispenses "sexy advice" because she's a "sexy life coach." Seriously.  

35. Tiffani Powers, Tampa Bay Breeze

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    Tiffani Powers plays running back for the Tampa Bay Breeze. 

    Offensive Juggernaut Fact: Powers was one of the 2009 Offensive Player of the Year nominees.  

    She'll Beat You Up Fact: Powers was recently involved in a bench-clearing brawl. Two dozen women in lingerie smacking each other in the face is the ultimate cat fight.  

    Bonus Ew Fact: Some creeper on Facebook likes her belly button. Sorry dude, you don't have a prayer.  

34. Danika Brace, Seattle Mist

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    Danicka Brace plays middle linebacker and tight end for the Seattle Mist.  

    Someone's a Chicken Fact: Brace doesn't like being greeted by chainsaws at haunted houses. Personally, I don't even leave the house unless there's a very good chance I'll be greeted by chainsaws somewhere.   

    Wait, WHAT? Fact: Brace spent her Saturday night watching Dane Cook in a bathtub. Watching Dane Cook is a punishment for shoplifting in some countries. 

33. Tiffani Hardin, Orlando Fantasy

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    Tiffani Hardin played linebacker and running back for the (now defunct) Orlando Fantasy.  

    General Tiffani Facts: She's a bartender, sorority girl, model, student who is interested in doing anything creative, classy, spunky, crazy, dark and/or glamorous.  

    Modeling Standards Fact: Hardin is not interested in nudes or implied nudity or even anything she feels suggestive or inappropriate in the wrong ways. 

    Presumably she's flexible about things that are suggestive or inappropriate in just the right way. 

32. Lauren LaBella, Philadelphia Passion

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    Lauren LaBella plays offensive lineman and defensive back for the Philadelphia Passion.  

    Better at Sports Than You Fact: LaBella is a two-time All Fantasy player in the LFL.

    Family Raised a Warrior Fact: LaBella grew up with several brothers who she credits for making her an amazing athlete, rather than a ballerina. She has excelled at basketball, soccer, lacrosse and..of  

31. Britainie De Garbott, Los Angeles Temptation

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    Britainie De Garbott played wide receiver for the Las Vegas Temptation in 2009.  

    Suddenly a Hospital Visit Doesn't Seem That Bad Fact: De Garbott is a full-time nurse and part-time model and actress living in Hermosa Beach California.  

    Thanks for the Distraction Fact: De Garbott has a glorious treasure trove of pictures on Facebook which distracted me from writing for awhile…mostly because we both have spent some serious quality time in Hawaii (not together; sorry boys) and I was reminiscing.  

30. Ericka Smith, Seattle Mist

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    Ericka Smith plays wide receiver and corner back for the Seattle Mist.  

    Disturbing Fact: Smith is one of the millions of women who are obsessed with Twilight. Not to be dramatic, but it's about time this was recognized as an official mental illness. It's gripped nearly everyone I know!   

    No Body Issues Here Fact: Smith posts some pretty fun pics on Twitter and isn't afraid to say she looks thick in a good way. A very good way. Plus (when she's not going to see Twilight) the girl knows how to spend a freaking Sunday.  

29. Skylar Vanel, New York Majesty

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    Skylar Vanel played middle linebacker for the (now defunct) New York Majesty.  

    Oxymoron Fact: Vanel is currently living in Dubai, UAE, and is a Tea Party Patriot. Kind of an odd mix there, no?

    Fascinating Bio Facts: On Twitter Vanel describes herself as: a casting director, professional pillow fighter, motivated, realist, ninja, Playboy Energy Bunny, former LFL captain, go getter and a creative thinker.  

28. Kaley Tuning, Miami Caliente

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    Kaley Tuning played tight end for the (now defunct) Miami Caliente.

    What's with girls and traveling? Fact: Tuning's ultimate goal in life is to travel the world. My ultimate goal in life is to travel the world. Have you ever met a girl whose ultimate goal in life wasn't to travel the world.

    Every Rose Has Its Thorn Fact: Tuning is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, and unless you are a Cowboys fan, you know how irritating die-hard Cowboys fans are. 

27. Taira Turley, Miami Caliente

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    Buffalo native Taira Turley played starting linebacker with the (now defunct) Miami Caliente.  

    Look Who's a Gamecock Fact: Turley is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, the finest university in all of South Carolina.  

    Already a Success Fact: Turley is a professional makeup artist who got her first big break working for TLC's reality show Miami Ink. 

26. Brandyce Lee, Tampa Bay Breeze

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    Brandyce Lee played wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Breeze in 2009.

    Maybe You've Heard of it? Fact: Lee has booked a number of high profile jobs since 2005. She's been a model for Hawaiian Tropic and True Sin Clothing and has been featured in Stuff Magazine, Maxim, FHM and on the illustrious Bleacher Report. 

    Jobs I'd Rather Not Discuss Fact: It hasn't been all glory in Lee's modeling career; in 2009 she was a model (or something?) for Condom Depot Television. 

25. Tracey Willmer, Tampa Bay Breeze

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    Tracey Willmer plays center and linebacker for the Tampa Bay Breeze.  

    Maybe we'll see you on ESPN Fact: Willmer doesn't just play sports; she also writes about sports.  She's a writer/contributor for Sports Life Magazine.  

    Beauty and Brains Fact: Girl isn't just an athlete/model, she's also wicked smart.  Willmer works as an industrial sales engineer! I don't even know what that is, but I'm impressed. 

24. Breanna Junea, Chicago Bliss

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    Breanna "Piranha" Junea played wide receiver for the Chicago Bliss 2009.  

    Sucking at Social Media Fact: Junea is a self-admitted Twitter novice and has only posted one update to her Facebook fan page since February 2010...almost lame enough to prevent me from "Liking" it. Almost.  

    Watch Your Back Erin Andrews Fact: Junea hopes to put the BROAD in broadcasting. She's an aspiring writer and reporter in addition to being a model and actress

23. Nikki Lee, Chicago Bliss

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    Nikki Lee played defensive line for the Chicago Bliss in 2010.

    Fashionista Fact: Lee's Twitter gallery suggests she's a bit of a diva; manicures, show-stopping stilettos, purses, fedoras, and large hoop earrings are all prominent.    

    Boozehound Fact: Lee was the 2010 Lady Hennessey spokesmodel. 

22. Danielle Moinet, Chicago Bliss

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    Danielle Moinet played safety and cornerback for the Chicago Bliss in 2010. 

    Ew Fact: Moinet is willing to go well above and beyond for her fans; including autographing a naked, hairy beer belly.  

    Bonus Likes/Dislikes Facts: Moinet likes dogs (she has three labs), Will Ferrell, working out, Chicago sports teams, and WWE Monday Night Raw. She dislikes bad breath and pick up lines that include the word "booger."

21. Jackie Danico, Philadelphia Passion

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    Jackie Danico played quarterback for the Philadelphia Passion in 2009.  

    Not exactly Michael Vick Fact: Danico is definitely a traditional pocket passer with a completion rate of 70.8 percent. Don't let the girl run though, because in 2009 she managed -5 yards on 4 attempts. Rough.  

    Where Have I Seen Her? Facts: Danico is more of a model/athlete than an athlete/model. She's graced the pages of Maxim, FHM and Healthy Aging and was featured in the 2009 Hooters calendar.  

20. Niki Connor, Los Angeles Temptation

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    Niki Connor played offensive and defensive lineman for the Los Angeles Temptation during the 2009 Championship Season.  

    Someone's Name Dropping Fact: Connor tweeted to me that she bailed on the LFL after winning the championship because there was too much drama! Dozens of women playing competitive sports in their underwear definitely sounds like it could get dramatic.  

    Fleeing California Fact: Connor ditched the west coast for NYC and is currently studying for her certification as a Health Coach while building her business.  

19. Nadia Larysa, Chicago Bliss

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    Nadia Larysa plays offensive line for the Chicago Bliss.  

    Super Cool Chick Facts: Larysa is a volleyball enthusiast, an aspiring sideline reporter, and an animal lover with a soft spot for retired racing greyhounds.  

    Has Probably Been to the Playboy Mansion Fact: In early 2011, Larysa was one of eight LFL players featured in a Playboy pictorial. In case you're interested, and I know you are, the Playboy issue was February 2011. 

18. Linda Brenner, Dallas Desire

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    Linda Brenner played quarterback for the (now defunct) Dallas Desire. 

    Professionally Sexy Fact: Brenner is a sometimes model and most of the time flight attendant for American Airlines. Two of the sexiest professions.  

    Enjoys Witnessing a Beating Fact: Brenner is a big time boxing fan who considers Manny Pacquiao's recent victory, which was on her birthday, the very best birthday present ever. 

17. Laura Cavender, Los Angeles Temptation

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    Laura Cavender played quarterback and safety for the Los Angeles Temptation in 2009.  

    I'm Too Famous for This Fact: Cavender had to say goodbye to the LFL because she's just too damn busy. Girl is an international model and shejay (a female DJ for the less creative) and still finds time to tweet most hours.  

    Surely You Want to See More Fact: Cavendar has been featured in a whole mess of publications, the most prominent of which is Playboy.  

16. Monique Gaxiola, Los Angeles Temptation

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    The versatile Monique Gaxiola plays linebacker, wide receiver, running back and kicker for the the Los Angeles Temptation.

    Can't Hold Me Down Fact: Gaxiola was named the 2010-11 Comeback Player of the Year. 

    You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry Fact: Gaxiola recently posted on her Facebook wall: "Just fed the muscles...time to watch more film! Less than 36 hours til game time & this beast is about to let out of the cage BEASTMODE."

    That made me LOL. And I never say "LOL" if I'm not actually LOL'ing. 

15. Katie Sheaffer, Seattle Mist

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    Katie Sheaffer played wide receiver for the Seattle Mist in 2009.  

    Hollywood Here I Come Fact: Sheaffer ditched her hometown of Seattle for Los Angeles in 2010 to pursue a career as a model/actress…presumably hoping to become just an actress.  

    Potentially Exaggerated Fact: Sheaffer is passionate about the rising success of her modeling/acting career but is also passionate about all sports.

    She lists running, wakeboarding, snowboarding, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, track, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, soccer, softball, kayaking, rollerblading, cycling and football as her interests on Facebook.  

14. Eliese Zukelman, Tampa Bay Breeze

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    Eliese "EZ Breezy" Zukelman plays cornerback for the Tampa Bay Breeze.  

    This Sets a Bad Precedent Fact: Zukelman has a monstrously large Great Dane who thinks he (or she) is a lap dog.   

    Keeping the Creepers at Bay Fact: Zukelman's Tweets are protected. She must have known that I would be Twitter-stalking her and trolling for interesting information. I sent a follow request, which officially makes me a creeper.  

13. Melissa Mikkelsen, Denver Dream

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    Melissa Mikkelsen played safety for the (now defunct) Denver Dream.  

    Payin' the Bills Fact: Mikkelsen pays the bills, and then some, by glamour modeling (aka bikini modeling) and hosting reality shows. She's also crazy-into extreme sports such as motocross, skateboarding and snowboarding. 

    Black and Yellow Fact: Mikkelsen is a Steelers fan; therefore my homegirl. 

12. Christie Burns, San Diego Seduction

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    Christie Burns played wide receiver and safety for the (now defunct) San Diego Seduction.  

    Look on the Bright Side Fact: Although nobody wants to see a sports franchise disappear, at least it gives Burns more time to devote to modeling. Judging by this picture, that's a very good thing.  

    Failing at Twitter Fact: Burns joined Twitter in April 2009, but has yet to master the whole thing. Perhaps some encouragement (followers) would increase her motivation to learn.  

11. Melany Lorenzo, San Siego Seduction

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    Melany Lorenzo played safety for the (now defunct) San Diego Seduction.  

    Sorry I'm Taken Fact: Lorenzo is married to Karl James "K.J." Noons, an American MMA fighter, boxer and kickboxer who currently competes in Strikeforce.  

    I'm Sorry She's Taken Fact: Lorenzo is a Venezuelan model with an extensive resume (and smokin' hot portfolio) dating back to 2006. 

10. Melissa Berry, Tampa Bay Breeze

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    Melissa Berry played linebacker for the Tampa Bay Breeze until 2010.

    Don't Date Him Girl! Fact: In 2008, Melissa was involved in a messy dispute with her ex-boyfriend after he posted posted private photos of her on MySpace following their breakup.

    Oh No He Didn't! Fact: Not only did Berry's grody ex-boyfriend Mark Dawson post the photos online, he also sent them to her mother. WTF dude? 

9. Liz Gorman, Tampa Bay Breeze

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    Liz Gorman plays wide receiver and safety for the Tampa Bay Breeze.  

    Hot as Hell and Tough as Nails Fact: Gorman is a hardcore athlete who plays football like Ed Reed…if Ed Reed played football in his underwear. Her Twitter gallery is stacked with cringe-worthy injuries that would put most of us into retirement. 

    Wait, I'm Confused? Facts: Gorman has a teeny, tiny Yorkie and a big bad Husky. Doggie odd couple! And when Gorman isn't cracking skulls in the LFL, she's turning heads as a crazy hot model.  

8. Niki Ghazian, Los Angeles Temptation

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    Niki Ghazian played defensive line for the Los Angeles Temptation in 2009.  

    Not Just Another Pretty Face Fact: Ghazian isn't just another model/athlete, she's actually got a B.A. in English (Cal State) and a Juris Doctorate (University of Verne).  

    Celebrity Scandal Fact: Ghazian had a well reported "romp" with Real Madrid's superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and reportedly told a tabloid that Ronaldo rocked a leg cast when they did the nasty. You'll be pleased to learn the cast did not impede his performance.  

7. Carie Small, Tampa Bay Breeze

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    Carie Small played linebacker, wide receiver and offensive line for the Tampa Bay Breeze.

    I Might be Your Dream Girl Facts: Small eats pizza, drinks beer, supports the troops, loves Star Wars (proven by her Princess Leia costume), and is a hardcore sports fanatic who rocks a bikini harder than the vast majority of the population. 

    Nobody's Perfect Fact: Small is pretty much a grade-A badass who just so happens to be scared of ducks

6. Chelsie Jorgensen, Seattle Mist

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    Chelsie Jorgensen plays center and defensive end for the Seattle Mist.

    Making Grown Men Nervous Fact: Jorgensen was so hot in Playboy that Seattle Weekly blogger Curtis Cartier was hardly able to string together a few coherent sentences to describe it all.    

    Okay, if you insist! Fact: Jorgensen, it seems, was encouraged to join Twitter to promote her Playboy pictorial in January 2011 and abandoned the whole thing by March 2011.  

    Yet she still has over 100 more followers than me...such a cruel world. 

5. Tanyka Renee, Philadelphia Passion

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    Tanyka Renee plays offensive and defensive line for the Philadelphia Passion.

    There are Two Kinds of Men Fact: And Ms. Tanyka really appeals to one of them.  

    Modesty Shmodesty Fact: Renne is referred to as "this darling young lady," and an "eye-catching knockout" who "approaches her studying of holistic nutrition, Ayurevda and fitness with the accuracy of a bullet fired by a sharp-shooter, always in-line with its target."

    Ridiculous, yet amazing. 

4. Lauren Jenkens, Los Angeles Temptation

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    Lauren Jenkins played offensive and defensive line for the Los Angeles Temptation in 2009.  

    Legit Football Fact: Jenkins' plays both outside linebacker and defense end for the Temptation.

3. Mikayla Wingle, Tampa Bay Breeze

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    Mikayla "Miki" Wingle plays cornerback and wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Breeze.  

    Primetime Television FactWingle appeared on the current season of CBS' Survivor, but was voted off in mid-October.  

    I Want to Party With This Girl Fact: Wingle's Twitter gallery includes a great number of things I love: Crown Royal, bikinis, candy, Pittsburgh, Jell-O shots, dogs, cute guys and baller sunglasses.     

    I Got Sidetracked Fact: That whole party thing distracted me from telling you that Wingle uses her Twitter account as a billboard for her February 2011, Playboy pictorial. And I don't mean that in a negative way.

2. Angela Rypien, Seattle Mist

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    Angela Rypien plays quarterback and safety for the Seattle Mist. 

    Don't You Know Who I Am? Fact: Rypien is the daughter of former Redskins quarterback (and Super Bowl MVP) Mark Rypien and her mother Annette was once a Redskins Cheerleader. Football is in her blood.

    She Doesn't Want to be an Actress! Fact: Unlike many of the smokin' hot broads in the LFL, Rypien isn't a model/athlete; she's an athlete/stylist. Obviously there's nothing wrong with being a model, but the girl power idiot Spice Girl in me is loving that Rypien is an athlete first. 

1. Joey Davenport, Los Angeles Temptation

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    Joey Davenport plays quarterback and linebacker for the Las Vegas Sin.

    Is This Seriously Where We're at? Fact: Davenport lists her skin color as "tanned" on her modeling profile. Suppose we have Jersey Shore to thank for making "tanned" an official skin color.  

    Time to Get With the Times Fact: (Unless I'm mistaken) Davenport doesn't have a Twitter account and uses her Facebook page to plug her profile on that cyber-ghetto known as MySpace.  

    FYI: No judgment on the Twitter thing…I was a willful holdout until very recently.