Chicago Bulls Fans: 5 Things to Do During NBA Lockout

Michael Gibbons@DachicagofanCorrespondent IINovember 11, 2011

Chicago Bulls Fans: 5 Things to Do During NBA Lockout

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    Boredom has set it.

    As the lockout continues into day 133, and actual games are being missed, I, like many, am trying to fill the void left by the NBA.

    While nothing may replace the excitement of seeing Derrick Rose slash through the lane and make some unbelievable shot, or having Joakim Noah slamming home a rebound, I am hear to tell you there is hope.

    I have come up with a list of five things that may ease the pain of not having our beloved Chicago Bulls.

    However, if all else fails, there is always the TV show The Making of the LuvaBulls, which is airing on Comcast Chicago.

Relive the Glory Days

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    Comcast Chicago and NBA Network have been playing a lot of old Bulls' games lately.

    Watching any of the six title runs is always fun.

    How about rewatching that awesome seven game series against the Celtics a few years back, during Derrick Rose's rookie season?

    If you really need an NBA fix, you could do a lot worse then watching old Bulls' games. Just think what those poor Clippers' fans doing.

Simulate the Season

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    Is it killing you to know how Derrick Rose did on opening night against Dallas?

    What about Kevin Durant coming to the UC to take on Luol Deng?

    Were the Bulls able to secure some easy wins before heading out of the circus trip?

    Sadly, all those games were cancelled. But you can live them over and over again on your Wii, XBOX or Playstation 3.

    You could also relive some of those great Jordan vs Bird, or Jordan vs Magic, matchups from years past as they are included in NBA Live 12.

European Basketball

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    If you really need to see some real life professional basketball, there is always the Euro leagues.

    With a lot of players already jumping overseas, or rumored to be, it might be as good as the NBA.

    For all you Brian Scalabrine fans out there, I hear he is doing pretty well in the Italian league.

    Besides Scalabrine former Bulls like Acie Law, Thabo Sefolosha and Darius Songalia are all playing in Europe, while current players like Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer said they might consider it if the lockout continues.

    If you don't have any interest in those guys, you can always try and see how Bulls' first-round draft pick Nikola Mirotic is doing.

College Basketball

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    We all know there is a lot of college basketball on TV, but Chicago has a lot of college basketball in town as well.

    DePaul brings the Big East to the All State Arena in Rosemont.

    Northwestern plays the Big Ten in Evanston.

    The UIC Flames play right down the street from the United Center.

    However, maybe best of all will be when the University of Illinois makes their yearly trip to the United Center.

    The Illini will be taking on the UNLV Runnin' Rebels at the UC on December 17.

Embrace Hockey

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    The Bulls might not be playing at the UC, but another team is.

    In Chicago we are lucky enough to have every level of professional hockey.

    The Blackhawks are just two seasons removed from hoisting Lord Stanley's Cup. Just remember when you are at the UC to clap during the national anathem.

    The Chicago Wolves are the AHL affiliate of the Vancouver Canucks and play in Rosemont, only minutes from O'Hare airport.

    Finally, new to Chicago this yea,r the Chicago Express play out in Hoffman Estates. They are the ECHL affiliate of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

    So, it doesn't matter if you want to see the stars of today or the stars of tomorrow, there is plenty of hockey to be seen. Also trust me, once you see a hockey game live, you will be hooked.