The Same Old Washington Redskins

Adam HankinsCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2008

Uninspired. Lackluster. Inept.

These are a few of the adjectives that could be used to describe the Washington Redskins' performance against the Bengals on Sunday. Playing with no sense of urgency, the Redskins' playoff hopes were dashed by a hapless team that should have had no chance.

While good teams play their best football in November and December, the opposite is true for bad teams. And, after losing five of their last six games, the Washington Redskins are a bad football team. The offense looked confused, the defense looked average, and Jim Zorn looked clueless.

For all of you Redskins fans who are now searching for excuses, let me be the first to tell you that there are none. The Redskins just lost to the BENGALS. The same Bengals who have placed more players on IR this year than any other team. The same Bengals who had only won one game prior to their game with the Redskins. The same Bengals who didn't have anything to play for on Sunday except for pride.

Some Redskins fans are not ready to give up on Jim Zorn yet. Normally, I wouldn't either, since it is his first year. But the Redskins are not getting better, they're getting worse with each game that passes. I'm willing to give Zorn the benefit of the doubt, but where are the signs of progress?

If the Redskins continue with business as usual in 2009, you can go ahead and write off next season as well. Nothing short of a total overhaul next year is going to bring this team back into contention. Now is the time to rebuild and while that usually means sacrificing one season, Washington won't have a bright future until it's done.

The Redskins badly need an infusion of talented youth. There are too many old and overpaid players on this squad. With so many needs on both sides of the ball, Washington needs more draft picks next year to make an effective rebuilding effort. Making a move such as trading Clinton Portis for a first rounder would give the Redskins a big boost.

In addition, I don't think Zorn is the answer for the future. Sunday's game against the Bengals showed me that he is not able to motivate his players to be ready for an important game. I think Daniel Snyder feels the same way, and the odds just became more favorable that Bill Cowher will be the new Redskins commander next year.

If a rebuilding season comes in 2009, at least it would give Redskins fans hope for the future. If it doesn't, we can only look forward to more band aids being thrown on the real problems…and another season of disappointment.