Disappointment In Carolina

Brad JamesCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2008

This will be a brief post, but as a shoutout, let me suggest that perhaps Steve Smith is a viable candidate for league MVP.

Yes, Drew Brees and Kurt Warner have been magnificent for the most part, but few wideouts can impact their teams the way Smith can.

With nine receptions for 165 yards and a score in a 30-10 win against the Broncos, Smith continued  a season which has seen him be a thorn in the side of numerous NFL secondaries.

Although he was suspended for sucker punching teammate Ken Lucas to start the season, his numbers (70 rec, 1,240 yards, six TDs) have still been magnificent and as a Broncos fan, unless we meet Carolina in the Super Bowl, I'm grateful that we shouldn't have to see him for a while.

With that said, the Broncos still have an excellent chance to clinch the AFC West, although I sincerely hope they focus more on beating the hapless Bills than relying on the Buccaneers to beat the Chargers.

Now, I hate to beat on Division I college football (wait, no I don't,) but the Panthers' excellence against Denver sets up a huge game against the Giants Sunday which college football can only dream about.

Home field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs awaits at the Meadowlands and unlike the jacked-up BCS, the later we get in the NFL season, the bigger the games become.

Isn't that the way things should be?