Accept It, Packers Supporters: The Season Is Over

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst IDecember 15, 2008

Well, that will do it. The 2008 Green Bay Packers season is officially over. Sure, they still have a Monday nighter with the Bears, and the inevitable loss to Detroit, but there is really no reason to go forward at this point.

I'm dealing with it okay—it just wasn't our season. It's unfortunate that some people are still blaming this whole season on the Favre situation, which shouldn't be the case. Rodgers really couldn't have played better this season, minus a couple of poorly timed interceptions at the end of some games. But on the whole, he's played just as well as Favre, if not way better.

Even though I've gone over the Favre/Rodgers thing nearly a million times, I still feel like I'm required to mention something in every post. While most people agree with me at this point, there's one thing the Favre people have over the Rodgers people.

Favre's team is winning games.

That's just what it comes down to at this point. The Packers aren't winning games in the season in which they traded Brett Favre, even though it has nothing to do with Brett Favre. The Packers aren't clutch this season, especially on defense.

In their 20-16 loss to the Jaguars on Sunday, the Packers lost on a late drive for the third straight week. It's a script we've seen before, and maybe that's what made this week's loss so laughable. Through the entire game, it's almost as if we knew what the outcome would be—and on that final drive by the Jaguars, it seemed as if the Packers defense knew it too.

They just looked like they knew they couldn't stop Jacksonville because the situation was so familiar to them. Despite their chances at the playoffs already being slim, the defense had no problem letting the Jaguars put the final nail in the coffin.

As I said, I'm dealing with this better than I thought I would. I'm just taking this season for what it is and looking forward to next year. You can't make the playoffs every season. However, I'm not so sure about how Ron Pitts, the play-by-play guy for the FOX broadcast on Sunday, is taking the loss.

How many times was he trying to sell the Packers' playoff chances during the game? Everyone in the world knew coming into today's game that it was near impossible for the Packers to make the postseason—everyone but Ron Pitts, that is.

It was almost insulting to see the graphic showing which teams were still alive for the NFC Playoffs. They kept showing the Packers as "in the hunt" for the Wild Card, even though they were already mathematically eliminated from the Wild Card.

Then FOX showed what has to happen for the Packers to win the North, which would have been impossible anyway due to the fact that Tarvaris Jackson is suddenly an elite quarterback.

Some say this Packers season was doomed when the Packers traded Brett Favre. Others say it was after the missed field goal in Minnesota, or the blown lead against Carolina. Truth is, we've all known this season has been over for a while, but on a pitch of grass in Jacksonville on Sunday, it became official.