Brian Burke Needs to Buy a Leader

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IDecember 14, 2008

The Leafs seem to be showing some progress—they are skating quite well, and taking the man when they have to.

We all understand that most of the players come from different teams, who had required the players to play different roles.

The players all understand how Ron Wilson and Brian Burke want them to play.

The players and coaching staff also know very well—if a team is going to be successful, they must have a team leader.

Ron Wilson is slowly getting his team to play his defensive style of hockey—a must to make the playoff's.

So the issue is—Brian Burke has got to do everything possible to get that Leader who will be a big part of solving the problem.

We all know the economic problems is going to have a large impact on a lot of teams as well as player's salaries.

Brian Burke knows very well how the system works, and I am sure after Christmas you will see a leader in the Leafs' dressing room.