5 Ways Phil Jackson's Presence Will Still Be Felt on the Los Angeles Lakers

Joshua SextonSenior Analyst IINovember 9, 2011

5 Ways Phil Jackson's Presence Will Still Be Felt on the Los Angeles Lakers

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    As a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA in general, it saddens me to think Phil Jackson will no longer be on the sidelines coaching whenever basketball resumes.

    But when you guide a team to five championships, including back-to-back titles in 2009 and 2010, fans and team members aren’t going to forget about you anytime soon.

    Here are five ways Phil Jackson's presence will still be felt on the Los Angeles Lakers going forward.

5. Maybe He Will Write Another Book

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    After temporarily retiring following the 2003-04 season, Phil Jackson wrote a book titled The Last Season, highlighting his last, tumultuous season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Well, we all know Jackson’s retirement lasted all of one season. Maybe he will write one last book, talking about his final seasons with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.

4. The Buss Family

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    Given the current lockout, the Los Angeles Lakers have not been able to make any personnel transactions. When the lockout does subside, some think Jim and Jerry Buss could make a lot of roster changes in an attempt to make the Lakers more of “their team” and to distance themselves from the Phil Jackson era (the hiring of Mike Brown certainly adds support to this theory).

    With the Busses trying to erase the memory of Jackson from everyone’s minds, they will only continue to remind everyone how much they miss him with every potentially head-scratching personnel move they make.

3. The Media Will Make Sure No One Forgets Him

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    Even if all of the players on the roster have forgotten about Phil Jackson when the beginning of next season arrives (fat chance of that happening), the media won’t let them forget for long.

    Anytime the Lakers lose a couple of games in a row or struggle running their new offense, the media will bring up Jackson’s absence and how it’s related to the trials and tribulations of the current team. Unfortunately, probably endlessly.

    Speaking of the media...

2. Phil Jackson and the Media Go Hand in Hand

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    Phil Jackson was famous for using the media to throw barbs at opponents and even his own players.

    It won’t surprise me at all if Phil comes out of the woodwork a couple of times next season and makes a couple of backhanded compliments about the current team.

1. Greatness Is Hard to Forget

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    OK, ever had an absolutely great sandwich? One that was so good tears welled in your eyes as you swallowed the last bite?

    Odds are the next time you eat another, not so stellar sandwich (with all due respect, Mike Brown plays the role of the unsavory sandwich in this case), you will be thinking of the great one you ate.

    Same goes with having been coached by a legend such as Phil Jackson.

    Just because the team will be under the guidance of a new coach, running new schemes and buying into new philosophies, doesn’t mean it will forget all of the “Zen” wisdom Phil instilled.