TNA and OVW: The Future of Wrestling Is About to Hit the Main Stage

Frankie GargiuloContributor IIINovember 8, 2011

Nine times out of 10, I’ve enjoyed an independent wrestling match more than an actual WWE/TNA match.

Why? Maybe it’s due to their pure love of the sport of wrestling. Maybe its due to the wrestlers leaving everything in the ring after they step through to those curtains. Or maybe, just maybe, they want to succeed and move up to the big leagues more than anyone else currently in the sport.

Indy wrestlers chasing a childhood dream, hoping to make it a reality. That’s why I believe the acquisition of OVW is such a big deal for TNA (not Impact, I despise that name). It improves their roster greatly. 

If some of you don’t know what Ohio Valley Wrestling is all about, it was the former starting point for WWE wrestlers before they moved up to the main roster. Just like minor league baseball, it’s a great way to start molding your craft.

What I’m expecting is that TNA needs a lot of help. I’m very happy that Robert Roode is the world champion because he not only deserves it, but he also has that “it,” factor that many wrestlers need to possess. A great friend of mine, Mr. Marrone, constantly refers to Roode as the spitting image of what Mr. Perfect was back in the '90s. 

The body, the charisma, the mic skills, they're all there; it’s now just getting other wrestlers in the picture to get the ball rolling. When I say rolling, I mean it’s going to be maybe five or six years until see if TNA can get back to being the TNA of old.

You remember, before the Bischoff/Hogan era began. OVW is the perfect place because it still possesses the ability to select great stars for the future of TNA.

Some have fantastic in-ring ability. Izza Belle Smothers, the former Mickie Knuckles of the indy scene, whad a brief stint as Moose in TNA. She was trained by one of the original ECW alumni, Ian Rotten, and the great Chris Hero. She will be a great addition for the main roster in a year or so.

A question that I have for the moment is if the current “Cliff Compton,” the former Domino of WWE’s “Deuce and Domino,” still has it. Having been once on the WWE card, tons of marks out there will question if Domino is worthy of the call up. I believe he is, but yet again, I’m just a mark among marks!

And I only named two people on a roster of 38! There’s plenty of talent here.

Hopefully, TNA is starting to understand that the fans know what they want! THE OLD TNA!