10 Great Hockey Quotes of All-Time

Tab BamfordSenior Writer INovember 9, 2011

10 Great Hockey Quotes of All-Time

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    Hockey has some unique characters and has a colorful history. There are great stories and great story tellers that have passed the wonderful game from one generation to the next through written and spoken word.

    What follows are 10 great moments, one-liners and stories that every hockey fan should write down for a late night in front of libations. Are these the greatest quotes in hockey history? Probably not... certainly a case could be made that the selections of players like Gretzky, Lemieux and Crosby at their respective drafts are great individual sentences.

    But these 10 quotes bring out some of the flavor of the game. Enjoy!

    As an aside, if you get a chance to read anything written by former Blackhawks forward Dennis Hull, do it. He's one of the great story tellers in the history of the game. The link embedded in his name is to his book from 1998. The title says it all.

(Dis)Honorable Mention: Sean Avery

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    Everything that comes out of the guy's mouth is ridiculous. He loves a soundbite almost as much as he loves the mirror and fashion week.

"You Feel Shame"

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    Great primer for new hockey fans.

Larry Robinson

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    After winning Player of the Week, Hall of Famer Larry Robinson offered the following:

    "Was Wayne Gretzky sick?"

Patrick Roy

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    How do you really feel?

The Silver Jet

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    From an interview Dennis Hull, aka "The Silver Jet," did with Brian McFarlane:

    "[My] brother Bobby [Hull] was in Montreal one time and he met a hooker on the street. He says 'How much?'

    "She says, 'A hundred bucks.'

    "Bobby says, 'Hell, I wouldn't give you 10 bucks'

    "Later that day, Bobby and his wife come out of the hotel and start walking down the street. And who's coming toward them but the hooker he talked to earlier. Bobby walks right by pretending he doesn't see her when the hooker shouts back at him, 'See what you get for 10 bucks!'"

"Soccer Mom Pierre McGuire"

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    Most legitimate thing Milbury's said as an analyst.

Great Fighter?

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    Someone pressed The Great One regarding fights.

    "Sometimes people ask, 'Are hockey fights real?' I say, 'If they weren't, I'd get in more of them.'"

Pat Foley

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    With all due respect to Alexander Karpovtsev, who was lost in the Lokomotiv tragedy, this rant by Blackhawks play-by-play man Pat Foley is some of the most honest in hockey media history.

    Please do not take this as a shot at a man that recently passed, but as a tip of the cap to Foley for having the stones to say this on the air.

The Greatest

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    "You've always been 'The Great One,' but tonight you've become The Greatest."

Savoire Faire Commits

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    A great coach's rant.

Poorly Planted?

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    Jacques Plante once offered his thoughts about being a netminder as a vocation.

    "How would you like a job where, every time you make a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?"