Pacquiao vs. Marquez: Pac-Man's Training Regimen Will Lead Him to Victory

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Pacquiao vs. Marquez: Pac-Man's Training Regimen Will Lead Him to Victory
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Manny Pacquiao is training as hard as ever according to trainer Freddie Roach, and it’s this passion from the Filipino boxer that will make him the winner against Juan Manuel Marquez on Nov. 12.

Roach said “Pac-Man” is offended by Marquez’s actions in recent months. Pacquiao is 1-0-1 against Marquez, but both fights went to a decision after 12 rounds.

Roach said there’s a different look in Pacquiao’s eyes with the fight rapidly approaching.

“We always work hard and so forth, but this is the most intense Manny Pacquiao I’ve ever seen. I know it’s because he dislikes this guy, but he’ll never say that.”

Regardless of how hard Pacquiao trains, he seems to be the overwhelming favorite coming into this fight. Although both previous fights were unbelievably close, Marquez is six years older, and at age 38 will not be at the level he was at 34 when he last fought Pac-Man.

The Filipino boxer arrived at the MGM Grand today at noon.

Pacquiao is, as always, in remarkable shape, and will not have any trouble going the distance. He also knows in the back of his mind that a loss to Marquez will force him out of the unofficial top spot in boxing.

Arch-nemesis Floyd Mayweather knows the pressure that’s being put on Pacquiao in this fight, so he felt the need to tease Pacquiao with a date for a fight between the two. The May 5 proposal has to be ignored by Pacquiao until Marquez has been beaten. Then his camp can take “Money” for his word.

All things considered, Pacquiao should be able to block out the external factors and win on talent alone. He’s the better fighter and athlete.

His triumph will tell us whether or not the Mayweather fight rumors are true, as Roach says that’s the only logical next step.

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