Penn State Sex Scandal Video: Watch Matt Millen Shed Tears on SportsCenter

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistNovember 8, 2011

The Jerry Sandusky scandal continues to bury the University of Penn State even deeper with each passing hour.

The latest news is that the school canceled head coach Joe Paterno's weekly press conference because of the ongoing story that just continues to get worse. 

There have been all sorts of reaction to this story by every major news outlet, and on Tuesday afternoon—shortly after the press conference was canceled—ESPN's SportsCenter had Matt Millen on to discuss the situation. 

Millen played for Paterno at Penn State from 1976-79, so he is very familiar with the program and has—or had—a love for the coach. But you can hear in Millen's voice and see in his body language the deep anger and sadness that he feels as a result of this whole thing. 

Forget what this does to the Penn State football program, Millen starts questioning everything about what we do to each other and why we do it. 

 "It makes you sick to see that this could happen," Millen said. "If in fact it has happened, there's just a part of you where you want to go and take care of it yourself...This is about people, and if we can't protect our kids, we, as a society, are pathetic."

Millen is completely right in what he is saying. Maybe you disagree with the forum that he used to say it, but it is clear that something has happened to this world that makes us want to hurt each other. 

You can't force the tears that Millen had when he was talking. This is a dark time in the world of college football, because Joe Paterno and Penn State were supposed to be one of the banner programs in the country. 

But with Sandusky's indictment and the cover-up that went on, you can understand why Millen broke down the way he did. 

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