Fight in the NBA West Good for Detriot Pistons and Boston Celtics

Bryce EbelsContributor IFebruary 12, 2008

As it currently appears, the NBA Western Conference is overall the better conference.

All eight teams that will make the playoffs for the West all will have a winning record.

As of right now the conference-leading Phoenix Suns and the current holder of the eight spot the Golden State Warriors are separated by a mere 5 games.

Out of the eight teams that qualify for the playoffs right now, only two clubs, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks, have single digit loses against the West. Everyone else has 10 or more.

As the season progresses and the fight for playoff position continues out West, all this adds up to is an easy NBA Final win for the Detroit Pistons and the Boston Celtics.

While the West continue to battle and eventually wear each other out before reaching the Finals, the Pistons or the Celtics would have had it easy out in the East and effortless beat the West’s best, but tired, team for the title of champions.