Manny Ramirez: The Next Big Possibility for The Yankees

Kyle WattContributor IDecember 14, 2008

People in and around baseball are upset about how the Yankees have spent nearly a quarter billion dollars in the off season thus far, and they might not be done yet.

George A. King III of the New York Post reports that if the Yankees are unable to get Mark Teixeira, than they're "Right there" to sign Manny Ramirez.

If the Yankees aren't able to get Mark Teixeira, than they're likely to heavily pursue free agent Manny Ramirez to help and improve an already powerful lineup.

The thought of Manny Ramirez in pinstripes I'm sure was unimaginable to Yankee fans years ago when Manny was with Boston, but this has become a surprisingly large possibility. Ramirez had a well documented departure from Boston, which left both sides pointing fingers.

If the Yankees were to sign the 36-year-old outfielder, than yes, they would sign a man who makes you wonder at times why he acts the way he does.

But the Bomber would also get a career .314 hitter and a force in the lineup when they play Boston.

Manny would also be a welcome presence if the Yankees were able to get back into the playoffs, over his career he has been able to get clutch hit after clutch hit, that's something that New Yorkers would welcome with open arms. the combination of Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez could possibly be one of the most powerful one-two punches in baseball history, even surpassing that of the Ortiz-Manny combo years ago (Sorry Red Sox fans).

We all saw what Manny can do when he puts his mind to it (he hit .396 with 17 home runs in 53 games with the Dodgers). Imagine what he'd be able to do against the Red Sox all season for New York.