WWE Armageddon Preview: Divided by Three

Richard De CiccoContributor IDecember 14, 2008

By: Rich De Cicco

On Sunday, Dec. 14, Jeff Hardy will once again attempt to become WWE Champion. Given his recent antics as well as his new attitude, some may say that this is truly his golden opportunity to overcome the odds and finally win the WWE Championship.

However, The Game, Triple H, and newly crowned WWE Champion Edge will certainly have something to say about that.

It all began last month on Smackdown when Jeff Hardy took it upon himself to brutally attack Vladimir Kozlov, alerting everyone that he would use any means necessary to become WWE Champion.

Well, he also drew the attention of the Undertaker, and the following week showed the Phenom that he meant business by defeating him in an Extreme Rules Match.

Hardy then earned a victory against The Game just two days before The Survivor Series, enabling him to be in a triple-threat match for the WWE title along with Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov.

However, the return of The Rated R Superstar at The Survivor Series shocked the WWE Universe. Some speculate that it was indeed Edge who had something to do with Hardy being left unconscious in his hotel room in Boston that night.

Nevertheless, Edge was Hardy’s replacement, and ended up defeating Triple H for the victory and yet another WWE Championship, thanks in large part to Jeff Hardy coincidentally, who returned briefly and cleaned house on all three participants before Edge retaliated with a spear.

Five days later on Smackdown, the three participants (Triple H, Hardy, and Kozlov) were put in separate “Beat The Clock” matches, with the shortest time winning and getting an opportunity at the Rated R Superstar at Armageddon for the title.

Unfortunately, a winner was not determined as Hardy and Triple H were victorious in their matches but at identical times, forcing what we now know will be another Triple-Threat match, this time at Armageddon, this time with Edge defending the gold.

There is certainly no love lost between these three superstars. We certainly know that they will stop at nothing to become WWE Champion. But what exactly is the fate of these three?

For Jeff Hardy, will he simply choke once again? If you recall, Triple H told Jeff Hardy that he would never quite make it to the top of the ladder. Is he right?

Some critics say The Rated R Superstar stole the title at Survivor Series, but Edge is out to prove that he will reign supreme when Armageddon is all said and done.

Triple H will be looking for retribution on Sunday. Triple H’s title was taken from him by Edge who wasn’t even scheduled to be in the Survivor Series main event.

Will Triple H be able to take back what he believes is rightfully his? We will find out this Sunday at WWE Armageddon.

I believe this to be a great match for WWE. Edge has been on a hiatus for awhile but has since returned and already is WWE Champion.

Triple H and Jeff Hardy have this back and forth rivalry going but when the stakes are high, Hardy always seems to be on the losing end. Triple H held the title for about six months and is always a threat to win the title again.

This is the end of the line for Jeff Hardy: it’s do or die. He’s had countless opportunities at the title, but I do believe this will be his time to shine. Jeff Hardy will defeat Edge and Triple H for his first-ever WWE Championship. It’s his time.

I never used to be on the Jeff Hardy bandwagon, but he’s got a new attitude and I believe he won’t allow himself to fail this time around.

After his victory, I believe Hardy will feud with Edge and Triple H will feud with Vladimir Kozlov, which is what many people would like to see.

Nevertheless, I believe that viewers will be in for a treat when they sit down to watch the Triple Threat Match at Armageddon because these three superstars never disappoint.