Was C.C Really That Great Of a Move

Sean MatraiContributor IDecember 14, 2008


Sabathia can be considerd one of the best starters in the game, even somone with half a brain knows that. But let me explain why Sabathia would be better for certain teams, rather than others.

It takes a lot to play in New York, and CC simply doesn't have all the required qualities. Unlike Johan Santana, Sabathia cannot take a high amount of pressure. Sabathia won the last game of the regular season for the Brewers, but when he got into postseason he just collapsed, the same as 2007.

That's just not acceptable in Yankees world. I honestly don't think he's ready to play here. The pressure and heat of the Yankees and their fans may get to Sabathia.

On one hand, he could do incredibly here. On the other hand, he may not do so well, and blow big postseason games to the Red Sox or whoever else they play.

Another question will be his readjustment to AL batting, and if he can stabilize the rotation immediately. Whether or not Sabathia truley wants to be a Yankees player will be tested; we all know Sabathia could very be a hall of famer, but New York requires a lot.