Rutgers Football: New Helmet for the Game Against Army

Bermuda BobAnalyst IINovember 7, 2011

I have been known to be openly critical of the decision by someone - no one seems to know who it is - for the "Scarlet Knights" of Rutgers to wear BLACK uniforms.  There is absolutely no reason for any team with a colour in their name to wear a colour which is not the one in its name.      

It was nice to see Rutgers play this past weekend against the University of South Florida in their scarlet red uniforms.

Today, Rutgers announced yet another uniform change for this week's Army game, and I could not agree more with the mindset of the change - Homage to our Troops.  The picture here says it all.

All too often, during the fray of partisan politics, we forget who is on the other side of the world defending our freedoms.  Our politicians talk about them as if they were pawns in a grand chess game.  They forget that those soldiers are our husbands, wives, sons, daughters and grandkids.  The best our country has to give to the world.     

So, this Saturday, while we sit warmly ensconced in our favourite easy-chair watching, everyone will have a constant reminder of those guys and gals.  

My thanks to someone who realized that Army is not just another opponent.  Army, as do all the other Service Academies, represent the absolute best our country has to offer the world, and it is right for us to honour them all.  I'd especially like to call out our often taken-for-granted National Guard troops who lead lives within our communities only to be seen when disaster strikes.  Heroes are they all !!!

Thank you, whomever you are ...