Is Giants' Defeat Key For Victory?

joseph eastmondContributor IDecember 14, 2008

Many of the Giants' key players have been injured, traded or just down right careless and suspended. The only team to lose to the Browns isn't a great feat either. The Giants still rank supreme over the NFC East and whole conference nonetheless.

Last week the Giants' suffered a crushing blow and harsh defeat from the Eagles and recently re-named starter Donovan McNabb, who they defeated three weeks before 36-31 in Philadelphia. They played with little effort and with lapsing offensive plays. They ended losing in a 14-20 upset.

When they lost their 14-35 upset to Cleveland, they bounced back to win seven more games and keep their leadership abreast. They used forceful plays and used a stellar defense to retake the lead and defeat the Steelers 21-14 in a shocking twist of fate.

Without famed Plaxico Burress, the Giants have one less star, but with hot tight end Kevin Boss and a stellar replacement defense they can once again defeat their division and long time rivals the Dallas Cowboys.

Spectators didn't even think the Super Bowl champs would make it this far, and thus have proved everybody wrong. Even with two smothering and embarrassing defeats, the Giants have stayed cool and kept their team together.  As long as they keep playing the way they are, they can still pull of another unbelievable season.