Manchester City Drops Two More Points In the Chase For the Title

True BlueCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2008

This may seem like the most optimistic headline written for some time, but it was phrased to highlight where were hoping to be, and where we are.

Manchester City were slashed to as little as 33/1 with some bookmakers when the Abu Dhabi takeover was announced and Robinho was signed.

I feel it is pretty certain that the fight is now on for relegation and not a trophy and there can be no mistake that the blame lies in the management.

Worrying now is that signing players in January is even more difficult than before. If City had been in the top six then the 'unfashionable' club tag could easily have been overcome, but now I'm not so sure.

Equally as worrying are the tactics, and lack of a Plan B that Hughes employs.

If things aren't going well with Benjani up front then swapping him for Jo is simply ludicrous as you are asking the same questions of a very similar, but less effective player.

Surely the move should have been to bring Jo on and play him alongside Benjani, but that seems far too positive a move for Mr. Hughes.

Hughes seemed content to limit Everons play and genuinely seemed pleased with the overall performance.

When you consider that Manchester City were at home, playing against a team with NO, I repeat NO recognised striker, it seems a rethink is in order.

That rethink is very likely to include the management team, if not, then one has to wonder what Hughes has said in his meetings with our good Sheikh.