Fantasy Football Week 10: Philip Rivers, Beanie Wells and Players to Trade Away

John MillerCorrespondent IIINovember 7, 2011

The fantasy value of Philip Rivers will never be higher during the 2011 season
The fantasy value of Philip Rivers will never be higher during the 2011 seasonPeter Aiken/Getty Images

"What can you do for me tomorrow?"

In the real world, we commonly hear the phrase "what have you done for me lately?" In fantasy football, "lately" has no value.

What a player did up until this point might as well never have existed. All that matters is how that player will perform for you going forward.

I care about three things from my fantasy football players right now:

  1. Health
  2. Performance
  3. Matchups

That is it.

I want healthy players, who have been performing well with a favorable upcoming schedule. It really is just that simple.

But most of the time, players that fit the criteria are very difficult to acquire later in the season. So you just do what you can.

On the flip side, you need to be jettisoning the players on your team who do not fit the criteria. That means injured players, under-performing players and players with brutal upcoming schedules need to go.

Here are a few players that I am trying to deal away this week, either while their value is high or while they are still healthy.


Philip Rivers

This was the best week we will see from Rivers. The Chargers were down by multiple touchdowns early in the game and RB Ryan Matthews was inactive.

That combination led to the most active day of the year for Rivers. Sure he put up some big stats, but all of the problems were still there.

He is going to lead the league in interceptions, but this week was the silver lining everybody was looking for. This week, Philip Rivers will see his value hit its midseason peak.

The time to sell is now.


Beanie Wells

Wells has a brutal combination of a lingering injury and a tough upcoming schedule.

Wells has five very difficult matchups over his remaining eight games, including an almost impossible schedule for RBs during the fantasy playoffs not to mention his knee injury.

But he made it through the game healthy and he has what is perceived as a positive matchup with the Eagles in Week 10. Sell while you can.



Julio Jones

This is almost more of a pure "sell-high" situation. Jones had an unbelievable game, topping 25 fantasy points in most formats on only three catches.

The problem is he only had four targets. Roddy White had nine.

Jones is an outstanding talent and he will have some nice games this season. He will also have a few games where he only catches one or two passes for minimal yardage.

Think Philadelphia's DeSean Jackson, only bigger or a better version of Baltimore's Torrey Smith. If you can sell Jones as a top-15 or even top-12 WR, do it because is value will never be higher.


Antonio Gates

There's a ton of metaphors that I could use here, but I will just cut to the chase. Antonio Gates owners are absolutely thrilled to have him back.

What they don't want to admit to themselves is that Gates doesn't really look like Gates. Sure, he's out there running around, making good catches, but he looks bigger than he used to and he is certainly not as explosive as he used to be.

If another owner will pay full price (or even 90 percent) for Antonio Gates, I would trade him. Not to mention his foot injury will pop up again.

It's only a matter of time. You don't want to deal with that every week, do you?

Thanks for reading. Have anything to add to the discussion? Please use the comments feature below. Questions are welcome, but please be as specific and detailed as possible. Good luck to all of your teams this week.

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