30 WAGs Hotter Than Kim Kardashian

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIINovember 8, 2011

30 WAGs Hotter Than Kim Kardashian

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    While the omnipresent socialite Kim Kardashian may garner the most attention for her constantly updated list of athlete conquests, her fellow WAGs are anxiously awaiting the chance to be revered for their superior beauty.

    Across the world, sexy wives and girlfriends continue to dazzle the screen with breathtaking photo shoots and unique personalities, yet fail to be embraced as much as Kardashian has been. 

    It's a strange phenomenon, but it proves that the ubiquitous need for constant entertainment takes precedence over sheer beauty.

    Here we'll appreciate 30 WAGs hotter than the lead Kardashian sister.


30. Natalie Gulbis

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    Natalie Gulbis seemingly loves to be on camera, considering her stellar poses in FHM, but it was her monthly advice column that she began writing in 2006 that garnered this female golfer a throng of eager fans.

    Undoubtedly considered a sex symbol in the LPGA, Gulbis is taking her beauty to the top.

    She is the sexy half of the power couple she forms with pro golfer Dustin Johnson.

29. Gabrielle Union

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    While some may see her as a homewrecker, others applaud this sexy actress' natural ability to garner the spotlight.

    Known for her roles in juvenile films such as Bring it On, Bad Boys II and 10 Things I Hate About You, Gabrielle Union is clearly more prolific as a model than she is playing a character.

    Either way, Dwyane Wade's girlfriend is never left out in the cold.

28. Coleen Rooney

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    If fans need any more proof that comedy is the fruit of life, Coleen Rooney's story should suffice.

    While she is married to England footballer Wayne Rooney, this veteran WAG is also known as a presenter, columnist and celebrity product endorser.

    However, it was the couple's first date that makes fans smile.

    Wayne Rooney took her to see Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

    The rest is history. 

27. Candice Crawford

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    Some know her as the 2008 winner of Miss Missouri USA; others know her as the pregnant wife of NFL choke-artist Tony Romo. 

    With beauty and engaging eyes, Candice Crawford is in the process of cementing herself as an elite WAG.

    She knows it.

26. Abigail Clancy

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    Not only does her brother play football for Fleetwood Town, but Abigail Clancy's husband Peter Crouch is an English footballer as well.

    This British lingerie model clearly knows how to attract the camera and seems to be in the perfect position to do it as the wife of a footballer.

    Just another day in the life of a high-profile WAG.

25. Catrinel Menghia

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    This Romanian was discovered at the tender age of 16, started a modeling career six months later and eventually appeared in FHM and Maxim.

    Also one of the new faces in the 2006 South African Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Catrinel Menghia is known in the sports world for being the wife of Italian ex-footballer Massimo Brambati.

    He may have retired, but she is seemingly just beginning.

24. Brooklyn Decker

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    Andy Roddick may serve 155 mph on the court, but he is arguably more prolific away from it. 

    His wife is not only a fashion model and actress, but she has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, specifically on the 2010 cover.

    She undoubtedly succeeds at any endeavor.

23. Kelsi Reich

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    While David Nelson is likely furious about Sunday's 27-11 loss to Gang Green, he has plenty to look forward to when he gets home. 

    The Buffalo Bills wide receiver seems to have an affinity for the NFC, known for dating Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich.

    Perhaps they'll be reunited during his professional career.

22. Carrie Underwood

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    The winner of the fourth season of American Idol, Carrie Underwood has seemingly built her career from the ground up.

    While this Grammy Award winner is known in the sports world for her marriage to Nashville Predators captain Mike Fisher, it's her country songs that have brought her the most respect.

    Some may dislike her music, but nobody can argue with her beauty.

    It's no coincidence she is a two-time ACM Entertainer of the Year.

21. Ana Ivanovic

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    Apparently back with golfer Adam Scott, this former world No. 1 Serbian tennis player knows how to keep the camera on her.

    She makes any tedious 18-hole session that much more exciting.

20. Traci Lynn Johnson

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    If fans consider Kendra Wilkinson a WAG, then Traci Lynn Johnson is certainly in the illustrious category.

    Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber may not see any action during his attempted return to football, but he will clearly enjoy his personal life.

19. Sarah Brandner

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    Not only is she a prolific German model, but Sarah Brandner is also an omnipresent loyal fan and girlfriend of footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger.

    She was featured in the 2010 Sports Illustrated Body Painting Issue and appeared in German magazine Bild and GQ Germany.

    Brandner continues to grace football stands.

18. Carmella DeCesare

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    While she was Playboy magazine's Miss April 2003 and Playmate of the Year in 2004, Carmella DeCesare is known best by eager NFL fans for her role as a WAG. 

    Jeff Garcia's 161 touchdowns (83 interceptions), 25,537 passing yards and 87.5 quarterback rating all pale in comparison to his defeat of the dating game.

    He must have done something to impress her.

17. Soledad Fandino

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    Known as Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain's WAG, Argentine fashion model Soledad Fandino attracts attention with her iconic name and stellar pics.

    Seeing her three times is certainly better than once. The mirror is a nice touch. 

16. Malena Costa

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    Known for her relationship with Spanish footballer Carlos Puyol, this model clearly knows how to play hard to get with the camera.

    She may appear to be ignoring the attention, but Malena Costa has it all figured out.

15. Yesica Toscanini

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    Not only did she appear in the 2006 and 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, but Argentinian model Yesica Toscanini has garnered attention for being the WAG of Argentina's Juan Riquelme.

    The cameras don't seem to faze her.

14. Willa Ford

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    Known by the crowd as Willa Ford and by her husband as Mandy Modano, this singer is revered for her large resume.

    Not only has she released albums such as Willa Was Here, but she has acted in mediocre, yet sexy movies such as Friday the 13th, hosted reality television shows and posed for Playboy.

    However, it was her participation on ABC's Dancing with the Stars that truly completed her resume. 

    And her marriage to the all-time goal-scoring and points leader amongst American-born players in the NHL, retired Dallas Stars center Mike Modano.

13. Melissa Molinaro

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    While most fans are expecting speedy running back Reggie Bush to reenter the Kim Kardashian sweepstakes following her high-profile divorce from Kris Humphries, they undoubtedly wish he would reconsider after checking out his pop singer girlfriend.

    She may not have as many obsessed fans as her illustrious look-alike, but Melissa Molinaro is only moments away from worldwide respect.

12. Jordan Fish

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    NASCAR may involve the mundane display of numerous cars driving in a circle for hours, but its sex appeal greatly improves with this sparkling Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader.

    As one of the lady cats who dances for NBA fans, Jordan Fish undoubtedly garners respect and new fans every game.

    NASCAR fans can now enjoy seeing her accompany Denny Hamlin to photo shoots.

11. Meagan Good

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    While she is known for her roles in Cousin Skeeter, Biker Boyz and Deliver Us from Eva, it's Meagan Good's relationship with voluminous running back Thomas Jones that has cemented her name in NFL fan talk.

    Her professional roles are rarely starring, but she always seems to steal the camera away.

10. Elisha Cuthbert

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    While she is known for her comical roles in Old School and The Girl Next Door, Elisha Cuthbert is revered for her prolific photo shoots and her affinity for hockey even more.

    Not only did she maintain a blog on the NHL website in 2005, but she is dating Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf.

    Get her some skates.

9. Alessia Ventura

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    Known as the other half of AC Milan veteran striker Filippo Inzaghi, Italian model Alessia Ventura surely garners plenty of attention.

    She can undoubtedly please any audience with this outfit.

8. Melanie Collins

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    Not only is Penn State communications grad and Big Ten Network reporter Melanie Collins making noise in the sports world for her breathtaking appearances on camera, but she is also cementing herself among the Florida Panthers as the girlfriend of winger Scottie Upshall.

    With the four-year, $14 million contract he signed in July, Upshall should have no problem keeping this beautiful journalist happy.

7. Jennifer Walcott

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    While she is known as NFL safety Adam Archuleta's wife in the sports world, glamour model Jennifer Walcott is admired for her provocative poses by the rest.

    Considering she was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for August in 2001, Walcott can certainly support the family while her husband climbs out of free agency.

    He can spend more time with her.

6. Noemie Lenoir

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    She may be known for her mediocre, yet breathtaking role as Geneviève in Rush Hour 3, but it's this French model's former relationship with footballer Claude Makélélé that has garnered her worldwide acclaim.

    Of African and European descent, Noemie Lenoir has worked with Victoria's Secret, Gap and Next, and was even featured in the music video of Usher's single "Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)."

    She and her footballer beau may have split, but their son will forever keep them connected.

5. Adriana Lima

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    This Brazilian model and Victoria's Secret Angel since 2000 is undoubtedly the bread winner in her family, as her husband Marko Jaric has yet to see his career come to fruition.

    Her promise was realized early. Adriana Lima won Ford's "Supermodel of Brazil" competition at the age of 15.

    The resume speaks for itself.

4. Patrycja Mikula

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    This Playboy Cyber Girl and clearly prolific model joins the list of WAGs who tried more than one athlete before committing.

    Patrycja Mikula dated MMA fighter Andrei Arlovski for two years before the two split. She then married Chicago Fire footballer Krzysztof Krol after only seven weeks of getting to know one another.

    Perhaps all she yearned for was a ludicrously spelled name. 

3. Dollicia Bryan

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    There is seemingly no WAG more perfect for this list than Dollicia Bryan, who is seemingly in a dispute with Kim Kardashian for numerous reasons.

    Not only did she allegedly sleep with Reggie Bush while the former Heisman Trophy winner was with the famous socialite, but Darren Sharper's ex is said to now be dating Rob Kardashian.

    Her comments can only bring smiles to the faces of NFL fans.

2. Aida Yespica

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    Known for having a son with footballer Matteo Ferrari, Venezuelan beauty queen Aida Yespica never seems shy in front of the camera.

    She has graced the covers of GQ and Maxim, and has undoubtedly gained a new throng of fans with every provocative photo shoot.

    Her name exudes her exotic nature. 

1. Catalina White

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    While wrestling fans know her as the ring girl Saylor James, there are few endeavors this glamour model hasn't delved into.

    The wife of WWE wrestler Jacob Hager (Jack Swagger), Catalina White has worked with Maxim, Complex Magazine and is even recording a pop album.

    Others may remember her for the sex tape she was featured in with porn star Justice Young that was released in 2009. 

    The attention comes naturally.