New York Giants: 5 Things About Big Blue That Infuriate Fans

Jake SilverCorrespondent INovember 7, 2011

New York Giants: 5 Things About Big Blue That Infuriate Fans

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    The New York Giants made their legions of fans very happy last night with a deja vu-inducing comeback win over the New England Patriots in Foxborough—the first team to beat the Pats at home since 2008 and the first NFC team to do it since 2002.

    Despite such a glorious victory (and as a Giants fan, I enjoyed it to the fullest), many of the team's shortcomings were showcased during the game, to the chagrin of anyone watching at those points. 

    The New York Giants are simply one of those teams that are just as likely to cause their fans to throw objects across the room as jump for joy.

    Not to take away from the terrific win, but I found myself screaming at the television far more than I would have liked to yesterday.

    If you're a Giants fan, then the following aspects of NYG football are bound to be on your list of reasons to throw a remote control.

5. Inconsistency

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    The Giants sometimes look like Jekyll and Hyde out there on the field.

    The defense will give us two sacks and a deflected pass to force a three-and-out, and on the next drive they'll give up 10 yards a play for eight plays and cap it off by allowing a touchdown.

    The offense will open the game with consecutive scoring drives and then not see the far side of the 50-yard line until the second half.

    Eli will drive the offense 75 yards in six plays, and then go three-and-out from the opponent's 5-yard line or turn it over.

    The inconsistency doesn't just show during singular games either. This is a team that soundly defeated the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles, but gave the Seattle Seahawks a win at the Meadowlands.

    The Giants are beastly when they play their best football; it would just be nice if they did so more often.

4. Silly Mistakes

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    Ever watch the "Come on, MAN!" segments on ESPN? Sometimes I think the Giants get paid to provide content for that show.

    It is a very New York Giant thing to do, to get down to the 3-yard line with Brandon Jacobs in the backfield and then forget about the play clock for a five-yard delay of game penalty. What happened after that is just history at this point.

    OK, so they missed out on a touchdown, we can live with that. Did Aaron Ross really need to muff the punt and keep New England in the game, though? It bounced off his chest!

    Mario Manningham caught a 10-yard pass to make the game 17-13. He felt so bad afterward that he decided to give the Patriots a 15-yard cushion for the next drive with a conduct penalty. Really Mario?

    All that was just Week 9. Do we need to talk about Victor Cruz getting away with murder on an unforced fumble?

    Does ANYONE want to reminisce to the 2010 game against the Eagles, where Eli dove headfirst to the ground and fumbled away both the ball and the season?

    For a team that usually plays 50-plus minutes of polished football, they sure find ways to try and make us cry every week.

3. Eli's Shoulder Shrugging

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    This one isn't actually detrimental to the Giants on the football field, but it is irritating nevertheless.

    Let me be clear: I love Eli Manning. If I could go back to the 2004 NFL Draft, I'd still take him for the Giants over Philip Rivers or Ben Roethlisberger.

    His mannerisms after screwing up a play, however, are very irritating to watch.

    Sadly, there is little video evidence of his awkward shoulder-shrug and head slump. Having said that, if you're reading this I'm guessing you watch the Giants, and if you watch the Giants you have seen Eli shrug his shoulders and look confused after messing up. It definitely annoys some of you out there.

    Not sure why it is so annoying, but it just is.

    Eli, please stop it.

2. Special Teams

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    Special teams is not a thing that just sits there to take change of possession. It would be nice to have a return game that didn't make junior varsity look like professionals.

    All the New York Giants do with returning punts and kicks is get a few feet and hopefully not turn it over. We're lucky to even get that much.

    Call me crazy, but when a good return means you didn't muff or fumble the kick, it's probably time to change it up on special teams.

    It'd be nice if opposing teams started with good field position a little less often.

1. Kevin Gilbride

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    Does much really need to be said here?

    When the offensive coordinator of an NFL team is carrying the nickname "Killdrive" for three-plus seasons, it is probably time to think about letting him go.

    Giants fans have had enough head-scratchers like the infamous third-and-long "dump pass," and running Brandon Jacobs to the outside while Ahmad Bradshaw goes up the middle.

    Now and then he'll call an explosive play that nets a big gain or a score, but far more often the offense  succeeds in spite of Kevin Gilbride, rather than because of him.

    Ever wonder why the G-men are so good in the hurry-up offense? Gilbride doesn't have time to mess things up there.