4 NFL Teams Who Really Regret Passing on Andy Dalton

Adam OdekirkContributor IINovember 7, 2011

4 NFL Teams Who Really Regret Passing on Andy Dalton

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    The emergence of Andy Dalton this season and the result it has had on the Cincinnati Bengals is one of the most surprising story lines of the NFL. In fact, after the first two performances by Carson Palmer, the Raiders might be thinking that the traded for the wrong Bengal signal-caller.

    There were a number of things that caused Andy Dalton to sit on the draft board after four quarterbacks had gone before him, but so far none of those factors have held Dalton back.

    Now, there are teams in the NFL with some serious quarterbacking woes that wish they would have known then about Dalton what the whole league knows now.

    No man in the NFL is an island, and having a coach like Marvin Lewis and a wide receiver like fellow super-rookie AJ Green helps a lot. Still, these teams can't help but wonder if life would be different with Dalton at the helm. 

Miami Dolphins

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    It may be shocking to hear this but the Dolphins have not been happy with their quarterbacking situation since Dan Marino retired.

    Even though Matt Moore has shown signs of improvement, he is not the future of this franchise, and weapons like Brandon Marshall and Anthony Fasano are eager to become regular targets.

    There might be no QB in the league who could overcome the dropped passes that the Dolphins have racked up this season, but having Dalton in Miami would put less focus on Andrew Luck and more focus on trying to save Tony Sparano's job.

    It would have made a lot of sense for No. 14 to come in and finally help Dolphins fans move on from No. 13.

Seattle Seahawks

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    The Seattle Seahawks might have bid adieu to Matt Hasselbeck a little prematurely. Even if the decision to part ways with Hasselbeck proved correct, the players identified to succeed him are laughable.

    Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst are so far from the future of the Seahawks franchise, it isn't really funny anymore.

    Seahawks fans had to be wondering why the team took an offensive lineman in the first round when they didn't have a quarterback worth protecting on their roster yet. Instead, they might have been better off to start with the franchise quarterback first and then go get themselves a lineman. 

Washington Redskins

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    Mike Shanahan has won two Super Bowls and either coached or coached against some of the great QBs in NFL history. So why did he enter the season with a quarterback competition that included Rex Grossman and John Beck?

    There has been a lingering question as to whether or not Shanahan's talent evaluation skills have escaped him, and the decision to start one of these two players and pass on Andy Dalton should add fuel to that debate.

    If the Redskins had any type of consistency from their offense, they might still be contending for the NFC East crown. Dalton has come into the league and been the picture of consistency for the Bengals, and has the Redskins wishing they had gone offense with their first pick.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    It's a pretty intriguing question to ask which of the four teams that selected a quarterback ahead of the Bengals might switch if given the opportunity. Surely, the Carolina Panthers are content with Cam Newton and the Minnesota Vikings like the limited glimpse they have had of Christian Ponder.

    The Tennessee Titans are treading water with Matt Hasselbeck and would not have turned to Andy Dalton yet even if they had him instead of Jake Locker. Which leaves the Jacksonville Jaguars and Blaine Gabbert.

    Neither quarterback had a great situation to walk into, and prior to the season, the safety blanket of Maurice Jones-Drew might have been more appealing than the sheer potential that Cincinnati had with AJ Green.

    Regardless of outside factors, Dalton has had the higher completion percentage and just been more consistent in general throughout the season. With his job on the line, Jack Del Rio might want to take a mulligan on this one if somebody would let him.