St. Louis Rams: 5 Things About This Team That Infuriate Fans

Doug ZerjalContributor IINovember 6, 2011

St. Louis Rams: 5 Things About This Team That Infuriate Fans

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    That's the emotional response of many Rams fans after a depressing 19-13 loss to the Arizona Cardinals Sunday. The loss dropped the Rams to 1-7, putting them alone at the bottom of the NFC West.

    The Rams seemed to have some momentum after a huge Week 8 win over the New Orleans Saints. The defense played great. They won the game with their backup quarterback. Steven Jackson was sensational.

    Sadly, it was back to normalcy this Sunday.

    The game against Arizona was a microcosm of the 2011 season, and the last few seasons for St. Louis. There seems to be negative things that fans of the Rams can count on game after game, year after year during the football season.

    Here's five things about the St. Louis Rams that infuriates their fans.

Steven Jackson's Running Style

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    Steven Jackson has played extremely well the last two weeks. On Sunday, he rushed for 130 yards on 29 carries. He was very productive.

    But talk to any Rams fans and there's something about Jackson and his running style that bothers fans. He rarely finishes a run with power. He never uses his intimidating frame to run over defenders.

    Sometimes it appears that Jackson tries to run with a slashing style when a more direct, physical approach would serve him best.


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    For a fan, there is nothing worse in sports than inconsistency.

    The Rams seem to be toying with the heart-strings of their fans. After a really productive week in all three phases (offense, defense, special teams) against the Saints, the Rams were unable to score a touchdown on offense against the Cardinals. In addition, the special teams ended up blowing the game by giving up a 99-yard punt return to end the game in overtime.

    The Rams need to be more consistent. That statement has been said over and over after seasons of futility and up-and-down play.

Meaningless Games in December

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    In 2010, the St. Louis Rams had a chance to win the NFC West over the Seattle Seahawks in Week 17. That meaningful game is the exception to the rule for the St. Louis Rams.

    The Rams rarely play meaningful games in December and down the stretch of the season.

    It's very hard to be a Rams fan when you know year after year your team is nowhere in the playoff mix. After two appearances in the Super Bowl and a few playoff appearances in the early 2000s, Rams fans have had to suffer through terrible ends to seasons.

    The Rams start so poorly that the season is over before it even gets interesting.

    Also, how many times do St. Louis football fans have to see their stadium filled with opposing team's fans during the last part of the season?

    2011 appears to be headed down a similar path. Expect fans of the Bengals, 49ers and Cardinals to invade the dome soon enough.


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    Penalties are a recurring problem for the St. Louis Rams. On Sunday, the Rams committed nine penalties for 71 yards.

    The Rams actually rank tied for eighth in the league in fewest penalties committed so far this season.

    However, when you're a bad team searching and fighting for any edge to win a game, penalties are a killer.

    The nine penalties on Sunday did nothing but hurt the Rams and their chances to score touchdowns instead of field goals.

The Rams Aren't the Cardinals

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    St. Louis is a baseball town. No person can really argue with that.

    What bothers many Rams fans is the comparison between the two. Right now in St. Louis, the two teams are in two different worlds. It's frustrating, annoying and makes the Rams look even more inept.

    After winning their second championship in six years, the Cardinals are the toast of St. Louis. The Rams are the punch line.

    St. Louis radio and newspapers are consumed with talk of the search for a new manager for the Cardinals, the free agency of Albert Pujols and any other topic about the Cards.

    The only way to change that is for the Rams to win games.