BCS Rankings: Who Got Screwed in the Rankings?

Georgia ByrdContributor INovember 7, 2011

BCS Rankings: Who Got Screwed in the Rankings?

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    It's Sunday night and the BCS roller coaster ride continues. Although the LSU Tigers stayed at No. 1, there were some "boos" coming from a few undefeated and one-loss teams.  

    From the hills of South Carolina to the boys in blue from Boise, here's our list of teams that got the screws this week.    

BCS Rankings: A Rankings Shaft...the Stanford Cardinal

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    Say what?

    The undefeated Stanford Cardinal showed up in the No. 4 slot below a one-loss Alabama in this week's BCS rankings. To some Cardinal fans, it might not seem fair.  

    After all, Andrew Luck passed for 330 yards against Oregon State (2-7, 2-4 Pac-12) and running back Curtis McNeal rushed for 145 yards giving Stanford a solid win over Oregon State (38-13).

    Stanford's biggest test will come Saturday when they play a prime-time Oregon. If they survive, they'll more than likely move ahead of Alabama next week. The computers gave the edge to the Crimson Tide because of strength of schedule, but Cardinal fans, sit tight.

    A breakout game by Andrew Luck and a win against the Ducks will get the Cardinal in prime position for a national championship test. 

BCS Rankings: They've Got the Blues in Boise

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    Pity poor Boise State, once again. They hover in the BCS Rankings at No. 5, no matter what they do. So here they sit another week, 8-0, after decisively stomping out UNLV (2-6, 1-2 MWC) 48-21. Kellen Moore's convincing 281 yards passing on Saturday is just one of many reasons you'll see this team hanging in for a top BCS berth.  

    Next week, the Broncos get a tough game against TCU at home. But don't look for this team to do anything but rise and cruise into the bowl season undefeated. And if you click your heels and wish on a star, they just might rise a notch after this weekend's frog-fest.

    You've gotta believe in Boise! 

BCS Rankings: Clemson's Drop, a Quandary for Dabo

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    Taking a breather in the South Carolina foothills, the Clemson Tigers join a string of one-loss teams clinging to a spot in the Top 10.  

    The BCS has ranked them No. 9 in this week's poll, but most Tiger fans still hope to restore their top five debut in the polls before the season-ending game at No. 13 South Carolina.  

    The Tigers take on Wake Forest (5-4, 4-2 ACC) this weekend and chances are, they'll climb a notch after that game.

    For now, they're still plucking the stingers after the Georgia Tech thrashing Oct. 29 in Atlanta.  

BCS Rankings: Houston Is 8-0 and Ranked 11. Go Figure!

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    The Houston Cougars may have been overlooked by voters and machines in this week's BCS rankings.

    The pride of Conference USA is first in the nation in overall passing yards, averaging 457.1 per game. Oh, and they're also first overall in points, averaging 52.7 points per game.

    So why are the Cougars sitting at this week's No. 11 spot in the BCS poll? It could be due to strength of schedule. So far, they've played teams like North Texas (48-23) and Georgia State (56-0).  

    This week, they'll travel to Tulane for a night game and chances are, you'll see them coming up a notch in next week's poll.  

BCS Rankings: Should Alabama Have Remained at No. 2?

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    Some Alabama fans are clamoring they should have remained at No. 2 in this week's BCS rankings, in spite of going down to LSU on Saturday.

    In a game in which both defenses held fast, LSU won by a field goal in overtime, 9-6. Some are not convinced that difference should have amounted to a drop to No. 3.  

    The problem is, you can't argue with voters and a computer.  

    The Tide will have to earn their rights to that No. 2 spot by defeating their last three opponents solidly. They play a night game in Starkville this weekend, followed by their last home game against Georgia Southern. A visit to the plains of Auburn will crown the season.  

    Stand by to see if the Tide can rise again!