Ty Wigginton Starting at Third...

AlexAnalyst IDecember 13, 2008

Ty Wigginton?

The Houston Astros before the deadline, non-tendered third basemen Ty Wigginton, making him a free agent. The Twins need a third basemen, and they just so happen to like Wigginton dating back to his days with the Rays.

Back when Wigginton played for the Rays, the Twins attempted to acquire him at the trade deadline. He headed to Houston after they were unsuccessful, but their strong like for him has been noted since.

Last season, Adam Everett was non-tendered by Houston, and the Twins opened the season with two former Astros after signing him and his teammate, Mike Lamb. There is a good chance (maybe even within the next day or so), that the same thing could happen in 2009.

Wigginton isn't a terrible option, and he is a decent choice if the team thinks Luke Hughes will indeed be ready when the new ballpark opens in 2010. Last season, Wigginton hit .285 with 23 homeruns and 58 RBI in a total of 111 games of which 82 came at third.

Are the numbers inflated from a short deck in left at Minute Maid Park? The numbers do somewhat indicate that. Last season at home, Wigginton hit .343 with 15 homeruns and 35 RBI. Away from the short porch, Wigginton hit .234 with eight homeruns and 23 RBI.

Defensively, in 82 games at third, Wigginton committed six errors. He is a third basemen and outfielder by trade, so it wouldn't be like the Twins would be moving a second basemen to a new spot.

I fully expect the Twins to dive into talks within the next day or so, maybe even sign him. It wouldn't cost a prospect, the team likes him, and it's an easy way for them to fill one of their biggest needs.