Hope Solo and the Sexiest Sports Ladies Ever on Dancing with the Stars

Anderson Melvin@AndersonRainsCorrespondent INovember 9, 2011

Hope Solo and the Sexiest Sports Ladies Ever on Dancing with the Stars

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    ABC's hit series Dancing with the Stars has slowly become one of the hottest shows on television.

    It's a unique show that takes celebrities of all sorts and pairs them with professional dancers.

    Each pair of dancers is judged by a trio of expert judges, as well as viewers at home. A pair of dancers is then sent home each week based on the judges' scores and the viewers' votes.

    But, if you're here, you don't care about all of that. You couldn't care less who showed poise and elegance while performing a seemingly perfect waltz.

    If you're one of the thousands of guys whose girlfriends (or wives) force you to sit through rumbas, foxtrots and tangos twice a week, I feel for you. 

    Although it's hard to sit through it sometimes, thanks must go out to ABC, who has provided us with a countless number of sexy women dressed in skimpy outfits shaking it on the dance floor. 

    So, I've decided to count down the sexiest females in sports that have competed on DWTS.

10. Monica Seles

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    DWTS Finish: Eliminated second, season six

    Tennis star Monica Seles, a nine-time singles champion and Olympic bronze medalist, couldn't impress judges enough to make it past the second week in season six of DWTS.

    But, as you can see, the soon-to-be 38-year-old has kept herself in great shape and kicks off the countdown at No. 10.

9. Shawn Johnson

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    DWTS Finish: Champion, season eight

    Shawn Johnson is the youngest competitor and champion ever on DWTS.

    While I'm not completely comfortable calling her sexy—as she was only 17 when she competed—the list just wouldn't be complete without this young, now 19-year-old, gymnast.

    My fingers are crossed we'll see Shawn's good friend and fellow Olympian, Nastia Liukin, on the next DWTS.

8. Kristi Yamaguchi

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    DWTS Finish: Champion, season six

    Once a world figure skating champion and Olympic gold medalist, Yamaguchi can now add Dancing With the Stars champion to her resume.

    There's nothing sexier than a woman who dominates everything she does, and Kristi is certainly one of those women.

7. Misty May-Treanor

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    DWTS Finish: Withdrew, season seven

    Professional volleyball champion, Misty May-Treanor, suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon while competing on DWTS.

    However, that didn't stop her from sliding her way up to No. 7 on this list, in large part due to this sexy outfit.

6. Laila Ali

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    DTWS Finish: Third place, season four

    Much like her father, Laila Ali dominated the sport of boxing, winning all 24 of her professional fights. 

    In 2007, she decided to try and "float like a butterfly," only this time on the dance floor.

    She didn't disappoint there either, finishing the competition in third place. 

5. Natalie Coughlin

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    DWTS Finish: Eliminated sixth, season nine

    Twenty-one Olympic gold medals. What's sexier than that?

    Not much, but Coughlin did her best to show she was more than just an Olympian.

    Although NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin posted a lower score than Coughlin, she was eliminated halfway through the competition. 

4. Kendra Wilkinson

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    DWTS Finish: Eliminated sixth, season 12

    How is she a sports figure, you may ask?

    Kendra grew up playing soccer and softball. She has often labeled herself as a tomboy and has even been seen practicing with the Hollywood United amateur soccer team.

    Her passionate love for football can be seen in the stands, cheering for her NFL-playing husband, Hank Baskett—as soon as he finds a team to play for.

3. Stacy Keibler

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    DWTS Finish: Third place, season two

    Once a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader and professional wrestler with the WWE, Keibler was one of the sexiest women on primetime television in 2006 while dancing for the hit show.

    She was eventually outdone by NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice and 98 Degrees band member Drew Lachey, but Keibler certainly got a lot of attention with her stunning looks and sexy moves.

2. Hope Solo

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    DTWS Finish: TBD, season 13

    Hope Solo has taken the world of sports by storm.

    First, she led her team to a second-place finish in the World Cup. Then, she posed nude for ESPN the Magazine. Now, she's blowing through her competition on DWTS.

    It seems virtually impossible to find a "sexy athletes" list these days without Solo on it. 

    I'm not sorry to say that this one is no different.

1. Erin Andrews

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    DWTS Finish: Third place, season 10

    Erin Andrews continues to be the sexiest woman on television.

    DWTS gave us the gift of watching her roll around promiscuously in bed, while simultaneously still maintaining some form of "dance."

    There have been some of the sexiest women in the world on this show, but she may take the cake over everyone, let alone the women of sports. 

    How many women can make a bruise look sexy?

    You can count them on one hand, and Erin Andrews shows us she's certainly one of them.