Winners and Losers from This Week's BCS Polls

Colby Lanham@Colby1226Correspondent INovember 6, 2011

Winners and Losers from This Week's BCS Polls

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    The precursor of the BCS Rankings always begins with the release of the USA Today Top 25 Polls and the Associated Press (AP) Top 25 Polls. While these polls aren't official like the BCS Rankings are, these polls can be taken as signs of what the BCS will bring to us this evening and who we can expect to still see in the Top 25.

    And as is the case with every Top 25 polls, we have our winners who benefited from the release of the polls, and the losers, who made no kind of head way through the polls.

    For this week, let's check out the winners and losers of both the USA Today Polls and the Associated Press Top 25 Polls.

Winner: Oklahoma State

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    Oklahoma State narrowly escaped a huge upset against the vastly underestimated Kansas State Wildcats, who, despite being pounded against the Oklahoma Sooners, are still a huge threat in the Big 12, especially on offense, despite their suspect defense.

    The Cowboys managed to hold the Wildcats out of the endzone and avoid overtime and remain undefeated on their path to the National Championship against a matchup against the now top-rated LSU Tigers. They jumped all the way to No. 3 in the USAT Poll, are No. 2 in the AP Poll and look to secure that bid and finish the season undefeated.


Winner: Stanford

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    Everyone's favorite quarterback has USAT putting the Cardinal at No. 2 in this week's poll. He continues to win games and keep the lead in the Pac-12 North Division, and he needs to continue to stay that way if he wants to get into the National Championship game. He'll have his hands full when the Cardinal face off against Oregon in what will likely decide the winner of the Pac-12 North Division. Andrew Luck must continue his winning streak if he wants a chance on college football's biggest stage.

Winner: Alabama

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    Despite their poor offensive play and special teams woes, the Alabama Crimson Tide find themselves at No. 4 in both the USAT and the AP Polls,

    In a way, this truly helps the Crimson Tide in that it is truly setting up a rematch between both of these SEC schools and allows for more and more SEC talk about how good this conference is. As if all of college football did not already know how good the SEC already was, now another conference team gets snubbed for two SEC teams wanting to play a rematch.

    While it is not certain now, anything can happen between now and January, and it could not happen at all. But Alabama still managed to stay in the top five, so stay tuned for any future developments.

Winner: Clemson

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    Although Clemson had a bye week and came into Week 10 outside of the top 10, they managed to make it back in with the shakeup losses of South Carolina and Nebraska.

    They have had a week to rest and look to come back strong with a win against Wake Forest and clinch the ACC Atlantic Division after the nightmare of the Georgia Tech option. They are looking to return to Charlotte for another shot at the ACC Championship and the BCS Bowl bid that comes along with it.

    Any time you can make progress in the bye week, it's a win regardless.

Winner: Penn State

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    Penn State has been a surprise team in the Big Ten after several years of under performing and the winding down of Joe Paterno's long, arduous head coaching career. The Nittany Lions have only one loss on the season and are in serious contention to play for the Big Ten title. They stand right outside of the top 10, coming in at a solid No.12, and are currently the highest rated Big Ten team in both polls.

    The Lions must continue their consistent play if they want a chance to win the Big Ten Championship, but these latest allegations of Penn State's former defensive coordinator could prove to be a distraction for the Lions and distract them from their path towards the Big Ten Championship, where their destiny is becoming clearer with every other Big Ten rival loss.

Loser: Boise State

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    Boise State, however, lost in that they made no headway in the poll, staying solid at No. 5 in both polls, and did not jump over Alabama, who only moved down two spots after a 9-6 loss against the LSU Tigers. Boise State needs the Cardinals or the Cowboys to fall to improve their slim chances of the National Championship matchup against LSU.

    This is an example of an instance where being in a weaker conference and having an even weaker schedule hurts the team, as the BCS does not take kindly to weaker schedules in weaker conferences. If Boise State fails to jump, they will not find themselves in the National Championship Game, but will still find themselves in a BCS Bowl if they go undefeated.

Loser: Kansas State

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    Meanwhile, Kansas State was done wrong, as they have fallen all the way to No. 22 after a close loss against Oklahoma State, a top-five ranked team. The Wildcats may have two losses, but one must wonder if it was necessary to drop them that far. After all, they are still one of the best teams in the Big 12 behind Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. The Wildcats now have the difficult task of working themselves back up the polls in a respectable position to gain entrance into a respectable postseason game.

Loser: Oregon

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    The Ducks, like the Broncos, moved nowhere.

    And why? Simply because the polls are biased towards Alabama, and who crave an LSU-Alabama rematch in the National Championship Game, which college football fans are strongly against. Why see inept offense and bad special teams play for the second week in a row? The Ducks also noted of the Cardinal, who moved into the top five in both polls, leaving the Ducks on the outside looking in.

    The Oregon Ducks have been on an eight-game winning streak since their opening day loss against the LSU Tigers, and are primed to take control of the Pac-12 North.... if they can get by Andrew Luck and the Stanford Cardinal, their prime threat in the Pac-12 North Division. They will face off in Week 11, a game that will surely determine the winner of the division, and maybe one of the two will gain more respect in the polls.

Loser: Oklahoma

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    The Oklahoma Sooners lost in more ways than one in Week 10.

    First, they only stayed at No. 7 despite their dominating win over Texas A&M, and the Tide's lack of movement despite their loss against LSU on Saturday. The Sooners, like many of the previous losers, failed to move up and, on top of that, lost their top receiver Ryan Broyles for the year.

    Broyles is the main threat of the Sooners passing game, and is among the best receivers in the country. The Sooners are clearly going to miss Broyles' ability to take it the distance, his reliable hands and overall athletic ability on the field.

    The Sooners, however, do have a chance to take the Big 12, but they will miss the presence of Broyles on the field.

Loser: College Football Fans Who Want No Rematch

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    But unfortunately, the biggest losers aren't just the college teams in the football polls.

    They're the football fans whose passion is felt nationwide week in and week out on every prime-time station network in the nation.

    Many college football fans do not want yet another rematch between the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. They already watched and had their opinions of the great defensive talent shown, but they do not want to see yet another game where both teams lack of playmakers at quarterback and special teams play is seen yet again, with such a low scoring game where not one touchdown is scored. And on top of that, they're both from the same conference. Fans don't like to see that in the National Championship Game.

    The fans want something different. No rematches for the fans in BCS games. At all.