Jay Cutler: NFL Legend in the Works

Kyle WattContributor IDecember 13, 2008

Jay Cutler has said openly that he thinks his arm is stronger than that of John Elway, and maybe his future can be brighter than Elway's as well.

Jay Cutler has thrown for more yards this year than he did all of last. He has thrown for 3,679 yards with three games left to play in the season, 182 more yards than all of last season.

Jay Cutler may one day be one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play professional football.

He has been in the league for only three years, and is on track to break nearly every major Broncos' passing record. Cutler entered the league in 2006 and played a total of five games for Denver. He was able to set new Broncos' rookie records for passer rating (88.5) and completion percentage (59.1) that year.

There are only two quarterbacks in the game today that we expect to see throw for over 300 yards multiple times in a season: Jay Cutler and Drew Brees.

Jay Cutler obviously has one of the more gifted arms we have seen in awhile. As everyone knows, the quarterback is the most important position on the football field. He's the only man that touches the ball every play (excluding the Center).

Jay Cutler could possibly be better than Elway one day, but he needs the right team around him. Eddie Royal, a rookie wide receiver, is his new favorite target, but the offense isn't the issue. If the Broncos want to win a championship then they need to improve on their 23rd ranked defense.