Kirk Herbstreit Video: Watch ESPN Analyst Keep Cool During Oklahoma Earthquake

Josh MartinNBA Lead WriterNovember 6, 2011

That shaking you felt Saturday night? That wasn't just the college football landscape undergoing a tectonic shift in the aftermath of the LSU-Alabama game—that was an actual earthquake, and Kirk Herbstreit felt it too.

Rather than panicking and running for his life like most mere mortals, however, the ESPN analyst and former star quarterback at Ohio State sat tight while speaking to College GameDay host Chris Fowler from T. Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Oklahoma, as he spent the whole day providing color commentary during the Oklahoma State Cowboys' 52-45 win over Kansas State in a wild bath-and-forth Big-12 affair.

Like a true non-Californian, Herbie didn't think it was an earthquake at first, as he thought instead that the stadium "was rocking, like people were stepping down off of this platform I'm on."

What platform was that, Herbie? The Pantheon on Mount Olympus? How else would you explain his god-like ability to roll with the punches and still talk pigskin on the tube?

Must've been something former Buckeyes coach John Cooper taught him during his days as an undergrad in Columbus.

Whatever the case, that wide-eyed performance alone should be enough to earn Herbstreit an Emmy...or at least an ESPY. 


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