Hade Vansen and Nick Aldis: New British Wrestlers in WWE and TNA

Adam LewisContributor IDecember 13, 2008

This week in wrestling, we have seen the first promos start to air for two UK wrestlers. I will now take a look at them:


Hade Vansen

Hade Vansen is a wrestler that I am excited to see on Smackdown soon. Hade signed with WWE over a year ago, but due to injuries and some seasoning in FCW, we have not seen Hade on Smackdown until last night.

I remember seeing Hade in action for the first time over four years ago, and boy has the lad got talent. Just wait and see when he makes his first appearance in the ring.


Nick Aldis

Nick Aldis is coming to TNA. Aldis will be fighting under the name Brutus Magnus. What a rubbish name, but hey, I don't book TNA.

If you are from the UK, then you have seen Aldis before, as he was on the new version of Gladiators. He was Oblivion.

I have never seen Aldis wrestle, but I read his column every month in FSM and even if he cannot wrestle very well, he has the charisma to go far.

I am excited to see these two talents will be wrestling on a TV near you soon. You will enjoy them too.

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