Fantasy Football Week 9: 5 Guys in Your Starting Lineup That Must Be Benched

Cedric Hopkins@FieldandCourtContributor INovember 6, 2011

Fantasy Football Week 9: 5 Guys in Your Starting Lineup That Must Be Benched

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    You've wiped the sleep from your eyes, grabbed your coffee, turned on your computer and made it here, to my article.


    I'm here to help you with some last minute fantasy football advice and let you know about five guys who are in your starting lineup that you need to bench.

    Each week, these five guys may be viable starters on your team, but not this week. 

    Open another window on your computer, get to your fantasy football team and make these five changes.

Eli Manning Has Been Stripped of His Two Best Weapons

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    The announcer in the video to the left said, "Touchdown. Hakeem Nicks." 

    This Sunday, you won't hear that said when the New York Giants take on the New England Patriots. Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks has been ruled out and did not travel with the team. Neither did Ahmad Bradshaw.

    Quarterback Eli Manning will be under center without his most trustworthy pass catcher and elite running back. 

    Bradshaw forces defenses to be honest and defend against the run. Defenses are also forced to double-team Nicks. The Pats won't have to worry about either one of these facets of the game. 

    Instead, Bill Belichick will be able to game plan against two mediocre wideouts in Mario Manningham and Victor Cruz. Sure, they're talented, but they're not Nicks.  

    Manning is sure to struggle in this matchup, and you will too if you keep him in your starting lineup.  

DeMarco Murray Faces a Stiff Seattle Run Defense

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    Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray has been on fire since taking over the lead back position for injured Felix Jones. Take a look at his 91-yard touchdown run. He's legit.

    But so is the Seattle Seahawks run defense.

    While Jones has been ruled out for the Week 9 matchup, starting Murray would be a mistake.

    The Seahawks are 11th in the league against the run, giving up a measly 3.1 yards per carry. And they've faced the likes of Frank Gore, Rashard Mendenhall, Michael Turner and Ahmad Bradshaw.

    Murray will join that list this week; don't join Murray in a subpar performance.

Chris Johnson Will Continue to Disappoint

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    Telling you to sit Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson each week is starting to feel like I work for the Department of Redundancy Department.

    I tried to find a video of Johnson worthy of being added to the article, but there's nothing out there. This year, Johnson has scored as many touchdowns as fumbles he's lost: one.  

    And that touchdown came from 1-yard out. Blah.

    His longest run has been 25-yards. 

    You keep starting him. 

    Sit him—his head coach is.

    Titans head coach Mike Munchak stated that he was going to split the carries up between Johnson and Javon Ringer based on feel. That's a polite way to tell Johnson he's been benched.  

    If you feel compelled to start a Titan running back, start Javon Ringer. At least he's running hard. Can't say the same for the candidate for Bust of the Year, Chris Johnson.

Chris Ogbonnaya Is a Great Pickup, but Not Play

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    The Cleveland Browns have announced that running back Peyton Hillis will not play in Week 9 against the Houston Texans.

    Those of you who were lucky enough to nab running back Chris Ogbonnaya off the waiver wire may have thought you were going to play him this week.


    Yes, he was a great waiver add. No, he's not a great play this week.

    Houston's defense is fierce both in the passing game, as well as against the run. Ogbonnaya won't have to fight for every yard against this defense.

    Houston will take an early lead and won't look back. The Browns will have to throw the rock just to keep up, if they can. Ogbonnaya will be an afterthought. 

    You did good by grabbing him. Just wait a week; he plays the St. Louis Rams next. 

Stevie Johnson Will Be Alone on Revis Island

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    In some games, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson could grab 10 passes—it wouldn't be out-of-the question. 

    This entire season, however, that's how many passes New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis has allowed No. 1 wide receivers to catch when he's covering them: 10. The. Entire. Season.

    Quarterbacks throwing on Revis Island have a rating of 2.9. That's a good number when it comes to financing a car, not a quarterback rating in the NFL

    It's a foregone conclusion that Revis will shut down Johnson this Sunday. Follow suit. I bet Johnson even took himself outta his own lineup this week.