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WWE Dream Tag Team Matches: Awesome Truth vs. New Age Outlaws

Paul McIntyreCorrespondent IIINovember 7, 2011

WWE Dream Tag Team Matches: Awesome Truth vs. New Age Outlaws

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    My new series, Dream Tag Team Matches, consists of 10 editions that will be posted every other day over a period three weeks. As the title suggests, it will contemplate tag team matches that WWE fans never got to see, whether because of a generational divide or simply poor booking.

    Not only will each edition contemplate the match, but it will also give play-by-play on how it would have gone, sometimes with the matches having special stipulations, being hosted at certain events and other different concepts.

    In this, the second edition of the series, the match being analysed is Awesome Truth versus New Age Outlaws. This match opens the Royal Rumble PPV, which is being held in Los Angeles, California. All four members of the contest are booked to appear in the Royal Rumble match later that night.


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    This will be a collision of two of the biggest trash-talking teams in the history of professional wrestling.

    Awesome Truth, in the throes of their outrage at some undisclosed conspiracy to keep them from succeeding in WWE, are as vocal and dangerous as ever, having imposed themselves into matches like the main event at Hell in a Cell despite being fired. Having secured themselves a deal to perform for WWE again, they are registered to compete in the Royal Rumble match within hours of the event taking place.

    Likewise, the New Age Outlaws will also compete in the Royal Rumble, and they aren't happy at the commotion surrounding Awesome Truth, since it is deflecting from their promise to win the Rumble match. Known for garnering attention wherever they speak their minds (everywhere they go), the Outlaws aren't happy being the second most-notorious team in WWE.

    With both teams being late entrants into the Rumble, it is decreed that they will open the show in a tag team match, with the winning team being guaranteed a number somewhere in the last four, and the losers relegated to a number in the opening four.

Entrance: Awesome Truth

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    Awesome Truth are a relatively fresh tag team, and for the entirety of their run together they have been the most over heels in the company; entering Los Angeles, the situation is hardly different.

    Only one thing differs from their general situation: The Miz resides in LA, and as such is given a relatively warm welcome.

    Being that this is Miz and R-Truth, though, the decent reception is short-lived when both men inform the occupants of the city that "You suck!"

    The Miz tells the people of LA to observe R-Truth's newest "REMIX!!!"

    I've had enough, Hollywood action heroes thinkin' they tough,

    They suck! And you suck! They suck! And you suck! They suck! And you suck! They suck! And you suck!

    All you people movin', like you all our friend, New Age Outlaws, this is the end!

    'Cause you suck! You suck! You suck! You suck! You suck! You suck! You suck! You suck! 

    And the Lakers suck!

Entrance: New Age Outlaws

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    With Awesome Truth having earned themselves massive heat for their "remix," particularly the Lakers comment, the New Age Outlaws become the de facto faces of the feud and enter to a great reception; not, of course, with cheers, but instead a rousing singalong.

    Oh, you didn't know, your ass better call somebody!

    On this occasion, they bring to the Los Angeles crowd, not the future WWE Tag Team Champions of the world, but in fact something completely new.

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! 

    D-Generation X proudly brings too you, future Royal Rumble winners, future headliners of WrestleMania, and soon-to-be WWE Champions of the world!

    The Road Dogg, Jesse James, the Bad Ass, Billy Gunn... The New Age Outlaws!

    Other wrestlers, of course, may have something to say about that. For them, the Outlaws have a simple message:

    If you're not down with that, we got two words for yah! Suck it!!!

Match (Part 1)

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    R-Truth and Road Dogg exit the ring as Miz and "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn start the match, with Miz talking some trash to Gunn, who smirks pointedly and looks at Road Dogg, rolling his eyes.

    Both men lock up, and Gunn forces Miz into the corner, letting go at the referee's demand. He talks some trash of his own to Miz, who responds by slapping him and swiftly exiting the ring. Road Dogg leaps off the apron and approaches Miz, forcing him to get onto the apron. R-Truth in turn approaches Road Dogg, and as Miz reenters the ring a standoff occurs between all four men, inside and outside the ring.

    Miz and Gunn lock up again, and Gunn hits Miz with a stiff kick before delivering a hard suplex and getting a one count. He drags Miz to the corner and tags in Road Dogg, who drops outside the ring and grabs the legs of Miz, pulling him so the ring post hits him between the legs.

    Entering the ring, he stomps on Miz a few times and tags Gunn back in; he taunts R-Truth, who tries furiously to enter the ring but is stopped by the referee. Behind the ref's back, both Gunn and RD attack Miz in the corner.

    Gunn attempts a scoop slam, but Miz drops out of it and hooks him up for the Skull-Crushing Finale. Frantically hitting his way out of it, Gunn whips Miz into the ropes. Running to him, he is hit in the face with a kick as Miz elevates his legs up. Miz follows this up with a clothesline and tags in Truth while Gunn tags in RD.

    Both men run at each other, and Truth ducks a clothesline only to be hit with a powerslam on the rebound. RD follows up with more stomps and also hits Miz off the apron. Reversing a whip into the ropes, Truth hits RD with a hurricanrana and hooks the legs for a two count. Gunn, who entered the ring in order to break up the count, attempts to hit Truth but is countered into a hip toss.

    Meanwhile, Miz drags RD out of the ring and whips him into the ring steps, only to be reversed at the last second and hit the steel hard. While outside, RD turns to get back in the ring and is hit with a baseball slide from Truth; turning around to renew his attack on Gunn, he is then hit with a clothesline, and both men plummet over the top rope and onto the floor, leaving everyone grounded on the outside.

Match (Part 2)

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    First to his feet is Road Dogg, who drags Truth onto the entrance ramp and climbs the barricade; running along the wall, he drops an elbow onto Truth. Meanwhile, Gunn is ramming Miz's head into the steel steps and is forced to stop by the referee, who with his attention on Miz has neglected to begin a count out. As he does so, RD crawls into the ring and rolls back out.

    Both he and Gunn continue to work on Miz, stomping on his prone form and picking him up. Gunn climbs onto the barricade, waiting; with some scheme in mind, RD whips Miz into the wall, and as he collides Miz hangs half way over it. Gunn then runs along the barricade and hits a leg drop/improvised Fame Asser onto the back of Miz's head, propelling both into the crowd onto the concrete.

    RD has again broken the count, and this time waits for Truth to crawl into the ring. As Truth gets to his feet, RD dances around him, hitting his theatrical jabs until Truth hits back with a punch of his own. Hitting a kick to the gut, Truth attempts a DDT, but RD wrenches his arm and hits a clothesline.

    Dragging him over to the middle rope, RD aims to execute his leapfrog guillotine, but Truth gets out of the way, leaving RD sprawled on the outside with no result. He gets back in quickly but is hit with an enziguri.

    As this is happening, Gunn pulls Miz to his feet, and they brawl through the crowd. Taking a soda from a fan, Gunn hits Miz with it and leaves him floored as he returns to the ring. Before he can get there, though, an enraged Miz takes him down from behind and starts punching Gunn anywhere he can.

    Truth gets a two count after the enziguri, so he resorts to going up to the top rope. Much to the shock of the audience, he hits the 450 splash! Hooking the leg, he gets one, he gets two, and then... he gets pulled out of the ring...

Match (Part 3)

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    ... by Chyna.

    The referee demands she leave, but the "Ninth Wonder of the World" distracts him long enough for RD to dump him over the rope from behind, knocking him out. They take Truth into the ring, and Chyna goes to the announcers area to grab a steel chair.

    Setting it up so it can be sat on, RD executes his Pumphandle Drop, slamming Truth's chest into the steel. Beckoning for Chyna to grab the referee, they are shocked to see where he is...

    ... being carried away from ringside by the Miz. Miz takes him backstage and is chased by Chyna. On the Titantron, we see her look for him when he suddenly appears from behind a corner and hits her with a steel pipe.

    In the ring, RD has been rejoined by Gunn, who hits a Fame Asser on Truth, this time dropping him face first onto the chair, cutting him open in the process. With no referee to count the pin, they stomp away at Truth until Miz runs down the ramp, steel pipe in hand.

    He waits for RD to get outside, ducks under a punch and hits him with the pipe. As he tries to enter the ring, Gunn aims to take his head off with the chair, so he jumps quickly off of the apron. Getting an idea, Miz throws the pipe at Gunn and uses the moment when Gunn dodges to get into the ring.

    Fists flying, both men drop to the floor, attacking each other erratically. Truth pulls himself up with the ropes but collapses to the floor from blood loss, as Miz gets the advantage of Gunn. Finally, another referee arrives and ejects the chair and pipe from the ring, as well as starting to count out RD, who gets in at eight.

    Miz, having dragged the legal man R-Truth to their corner in order to make the blind tag, enters the ring and hits anything in sight. As the referee forces Gunn to exit the ring, RD reverses a whip, and Miz is dragged into the referee, who falls to the ground.

    RD hits his jabs until Miz dodges and hooks him up for the Skull Crushing Finale. The referee is down, so there is no one to count the pin. As Miz gets up to shake the ref, Gunn returns to the ring with the chair and hits Miz right between the eyes. The referee stirs and RD crawls to try and pin Miz.

    Stirring on the apron, R-Truth crawls under the bottom rope to try and break the pin but is stopped by Chyna, who has returned and grabbed his legs to stop him getting further; RD drapes his arm over Miz, and the referee counts three.


    Winners: New Age Outlaws


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    Despite entering at No. 4, the Miz wins the Royal Rumble match and earns himself the ultimate road to WrestleMania. Eliminating six different superstars, including William Regal and Kane, he is not the only member of Awesome Truth who lasts until the climax of the match. R-Truth, the No. 1 entrant, manages to reach the final four along with No. 28 Road Dogg and No. 30 Billy Gunn.

    As the Outlaws together eliminate Undertaker, Road Dogg is shocked when Billy Gunn dumps him over the top rope moments later. Miz and Truth corner him like predators, only for Miz to suddenly eliminate Truth the same way Gunn took out Road Dogg.

    The match ends when both men, hanging on the apron, knock each other off, only for one of Miz's legs to get hooked in the bottom rope and not touch the floor.

Thanks for Reading!

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    This edition of Dream Tag Team Matches had the distinct feeling of an Attitude Era style match, with the run-ins, abuse of referees and battling through the crowd. In other words, it was a pleasure to write. I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this article and that it encourages you to stick with the series I have begun.

    If it has, and this is the only one you've seen so far, I wrote another detailing a match between The Rockers and the team of Brian Kendrick and Paul London that I hope some of you give a read. 

    I would welcome any suggestions to be added to this series in the future; if I think they're as good as my own ideas, or if they're ones I haven't already thought of, I'll definitely consider adding them and I'll give full credit to whoever gives me the inspiration.

    The next edition of this will be released on Wednesday.

    Feel free to check out my other series, which are named The Bucket List and IWC Analysis.

    They can be read here, as can all the other articles I've written. If you have any praise, criticism or issues with this or any of the other pieces I've written, I'm available to talk about it if you follow me on Twitter.


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