Georgia Football Video: Watch Aron White Get Stuck in Hedges After TD Catch

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer INovember 5, 2011

Throughout the years, football players have demonstrated plenty of ways to celebrate after a touchdown.

But Georgia tight end Aron White made a whole different kind of music on Saturday when he caught a six-yard touchdown pass, then dived over a xylophone into some hedges at Sanford Stadium.

Georgia was already winning 42-3 before White's theatrics. But as he tacked on another six points to the Bulldogs' lead on Saturday, he found himself in between a rock and a hard place as his momentum carried him to the edge of the field...or, more specifically, between a xylophone and some bushes.

It's worth noting that White had only one touchdown catch this season before Saturday's 63-16 triumph over New Mexico State. Nobody's saying he tried to cause a scene after his touchdown on Saturday, but no one would blame him for doing so. His six-yard catch was his only catch of the afternoon.

Maybe he'll start a trend at Sanford Stadium. Instead of "The Lambeau Leap," he'll begin a tradition called "The Xylophone Leap into the Hedges." Yes, I can see it now...

White's crash into the bushes was actually the second such occurrence on Saturday in the Bulldogs' victory. Honestly, maybe a trend has already started.

I'll tell you one thing: I'm all for it. White's daring leap was exciting and hilarious, a kind of symphony for fans everywhere, if you will. Watching him struggle to get out of the bushes had me busting up laughing.

There should be some kind of competition among teammates as to who can dive the furthest into the hedges. It's going to be hard to top White's performance, but they can still try.

I'm bored of "The Lambeau Leap."

White's leap of glory gets a "10" from me on originality alone.

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